Saturday, May 12, 2007

World's Greatest Mom

I've told her this before: I could not have gone to Hollywood and asked them to script me a perfect wife, and have it turn out any better than her.

So tomorrow when we celebrate the Mom's of this world, I want her to know that there is none better than her in my book.

I have no idea why I was chosen to be her husband: God knows I don't deserve her. How she puts up with an idiot like me I'll never know: I just thank my lucky stars she does. I'm not gonna get into all the stupid things I've done and said over the years, because I'm saving it for the book I plan on writing some day titled "101 Things to Hack off your Wife", but if you know me, you also know this woman deserves sainthood.

That's not even mentioning the wonderful, yet thankless job she does in raising our 3 children. An 8 year old diva, a 3 year old hellion, and a 1 year old busybody are not easy to handle, yet she does it with grace and love that I can only dream of possessing.

Doing all that, and doing it with patience, kindness, and gentleness day in, day out, takes a special lady. You don't have to tell me I hit the lotto: I already know.

Thank you Angie. Thanks for being the best Mother in the world to my children they could ever want. Thanks for sacrificing your career and putting aside the things you want to do in order to raise our children. Thanks for simply being you. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to Tex, Carol, and Stacy, who all read this train wreck I call a blog on a regular basis. You all have done, and are doing, God's work by being a Mom. I hope tomorrow is the best Mother's Day you've ever had.

One day, my little Ciera will be a Mom. She'll have had the best teacher on the planet to show her the way.


Christine E. said...

1st poster! Whoo Hoo!

What a lovely post...:-) An what a most excellent game today! And with any luck the Yankees will lose and all will be right with the world...LOL

Hope you are well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: We are all well.

Great game today: though Schilling struggling like he did in the 6th is a little disturbing. Hopefully he will right the ship next Thursday.

I'm a lucky man: thanks for commenting. Hope you are well also.

Tex said...

Happy Mom's Day to Angie from Tex!!! and to all the blogger Mom's!

Ted...Ive been invited over to my friends for Mothers Day dinner so I may not be watching the game(cant recall if they have the sports package) but I wont be online. So enjoy the day with your Mom and Angie.

Stacy said...

You're right, little brother; you have a great wife. Not only does she put up with you :), she is a great Mom, and has more patience than I've ever dreamed of having. You most definitely hit the jackpot with Angie.

Thanks for the happy Mother's Day shout out. I really appreciate it. :)

scott h said...

We already know this ,tell HER!

Ted D said...

What do you think this was? It was part of HER Mothers Day Flower boy.

KAYLEE said...


Carol said...

I hope Angie's day was as nice as your post - Many thanks!