Friday, May 18, 2007

The Next Best Thing

Next best thing to a Red Sox win? A Yankee loss.

With El Nino playing havoc with the weather in Boston tonight, no game was played at Fenway: instead a double header tomorrow if Mother Nature will quit screwing around and actually let them play a game.

3-2 Mets and George is having a fit as we speak: The Yankees are now 10, yes 10 games back in the AL East. On a night when there was no Red Sox baseball to be found, Willie Randolph and his Mets put a smile on my face. Speaking of Randolph, how do you think he feels about beating the Yankees? After all his years of service as a player/coach for the Yankees, without so much as a sniff at the manager's job, he goes over to the Mets and turns them into one of the best teams in baseball the last few years. Gotta be a good feeling.

Lastly, God Bless You Billy Wagner: all 5 ft 9 inches of you with your 100 mph fastball. Get Mr. April to ground out, strike out Posada, Matsui squeaks a infield hit, and you strike out Giambi swinging to put it away.

Well done young man. Well done.


KAYLEE said...

That was a great win by the mets:)I am not gunna get to excited yet though cause anything can happen!

From the last post:

//ok you are back in my fav 5//

Thank you Scott:)

Ted D said...

10 games up. 10 games up. 10 games up.

Sounds so good I had to say it thrice.

Yankee fan has got to be FREAKING out by now.

Tex said...

double digits never sounded so good

Carol said...

I can't imagine the state of mind that Terry & the Sox are going to find Torre and his Yankees next week LOL

Ted D said...

Yep: it feels just as good today as it did last night:

10 game lead.

Have a great Saturday Tex and Carol.

scott h said...

I know you guys get all excited about your big swinging man hugging favorites. BUT you need to send a little love Lowell's way. He carried the mail today!

Ted D said...

Yes he did Bub: 4 for 5 with a Grand Slam ain't too shabby. Another NICE outing by Daisuke and it's a good win.

Meanwhile, in other good news, the Yankees are losing 4-2, the starting pitcher left in the 1st inning with a broken finger, and Mike Myers the LH specialist, has pitched the first 2 innings.

Stacy said...

Scottie, I'm Lowell's biggest fan.:) He and Alex Cora. Not the biggest names, but get-it-done players.

Hope business was good this week and you have recovered from the monsoon rains. Tell the Chicklets Aunt Stacy says hi!

Ted D said...

Well, I sort of expected this: 13-3 win and as of right now in the top of the 6th, the Braves lead 8-0.

Smoltz vs. Hansack was not exactly a marquee matchup.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone...

ugh ugh UGH..Joel Piniero needs to go away...right now...

But at least we won 1 today and the Yankees lost--Again!

It's hard not to get excited about the 10 games...:-)

Hope everyone is well...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: yeah this is pretty painful to watch. I'm just hoping someone doesn't blow a knee out running around in that slop.

Hopefully Gabbard can keep it close vs. Hudson tomorrow. Like you said, Yankees lose so we will end the day no worse than when we started it.

We are all great and I'm hoping the same for you.