Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just a little trip to the pool

Took the little heathens to the neighborhood pool tonight after I got home from work, and just like I thought: it did the trick. Rakes and Trot were asleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillow.

Actually, only Rakes and Ciera got IN the pool: Trot is more interested in the shower you are supposed to use before you get in: kid will stand under it for 10 minutes, running in circles and just laughing it up. Try putting him in the pool? You know that sound Jim Carey makes in "Dumb and Dumber" when he asks the guy if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world? That's what Trot does: only imagine it 100 times MORE irritating. Then you'll get the picture.

It was quite the time: I put Trot in the stroller so Rakes and I could have a "water dun" fight, although my little pistol was seriously inferior to his Super Gun: between his mean streak and Joker-like maniacal laugh, I have a sinking feeling Juvenile Hall is in our near future. Ciera alternated between shrieking at the neighbor kid and yelling "Daddy-Make him leave me ALONE!" while I chased Trot around the pool in our own version of the "Rat Race".

Meanwhile, Angie the Wonder Mom, who is having a yard sale this weekend, has gone off to pound signs illegally on the side of the roads leading to our neighborhood. This in itself would not usually be a problem: however, we had ordered a pizza right before I walked the young uns to the pool.

Which means, of course, about 45 minutes later the pizza guy pulls up to the pool: me, being the idiot I am, did not get any money from Ang before she left, so I'm holding the squirming Trot in one arm and dialing Angie with the other. Surprise, Surprise, she does NOT answer her cellphone. So me, taking the bull by the horns, call my Pop, who says he's on his way.

You guessed it: he and Angie get to the pool at the same time.

Can we PLEASE have tomorrow night hurry up and get here?

I can't handle another Sox day off.

::passes out::


KAYLEE said...

I just got out of the pool but,it wasnt all that fun,because i had to take my 11 month old brother in it and oh boy you know,they cant exactly swim.and he would'nt go in his floatie thingy(whatever the heck they calll those).Its a spider and hes afraid of it.

Carol said...

Cutie Trottie - My D would get a kick out of him! The pool/pizza scenario sounded nutty. You should have pleaded with the pizza guy to come by your yard sale later and pick out something for free. I agree you're much better off when it's game night LOL

Hope Angie does well with the yard sale (and that she doesn't get in trouble for those illegal signs)!

Ted D said...

Carol, it was nuts: He didn't seem the type to appreciate a yard sale, if you know what I mean.

I NEED the games to keep me sane: otherwise, you may be contacting me via the mental ward.

I told her she needed to be in bed by 9:30. She went to bed 5 minutes ago. Need I say more?

I have a feeling that if we locked Trot and D in a room for 5 minutes?

Only 1 is coming out alive.

I'm off to bed: I'm sure I'll "talk" to you tomorrow.


Carol said...

"only 1 is coming out" - You would be right. As D would say to Trot "Night-night"

Stacy said...

Ted, this should just give you more appreciation for what Angie does EVERY DAY! And you're right; Rakes is quite the wild man with that water gun. :)

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

I would say "Good" but any goodness went right out the window, along with the 4th inning....UGH

I think the hives are back....

Hope all is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

You need some Pepto Christine?

::passes Pepto to Christine::

I need a valium. This is UGLY.

Wake just did not have it tonight. 6 walks, 1 HBP, at least 2 wild pitches.

Corn Meal and I were talking earlier: they should have started Tavarez and skipped Wake's turn. Julian has owned the Yankees this year.

Carol said...

Hi all, as I reach for the Pepto!
Ted - If you want to divert your attention from the big Yankees lead, there's a message under 1784 for you -lol.

Ted D said...

Carol, with this kind of a whipping, I need a diversion!

Carol said...

Torre must really want to get out of the hole when he gets ejected with a big lead like that lol!

Ted D said...

Their actions tonight, from Bowa arguing about Abreu getting thrown out at third while winning 9-3, to Torre getting tossed, reek of a desperate team, knowing that Wakefield had a bad night, and needing a win.

Wonder if they are thinking that they have to face Schill and Beckett the next 2 days?

Christine E. said...

Ugh, Ugh, UGH....I think we needed something stronger than Pepto tonight....maybe some tequila, or hell, GRAIN alcohol...

Crap.....and your right Ted, Julian could not have done any worse tonight...

Better luck tomorrow

Dream well, everyone

Go Sox!