Thursday, May 3, 2007

You are a BAD man, Mr. Crisp

As I watched him make this catch last night, I had this one thought: this freaking insomnia I've had for the last 10 days or so has finally made me lose it: I just had a hallucination.

However, after Orsillo went nuts, with Fenway going crazy a millisecond later, I realized it was real: he actually dove flat out, hovered 1 foot off the ground, and caught that ball.

That catch followed a equally unfreakingbelievable catch Coco made Tuesday night which was eerily like this one, except he was running toward LF instead of RF. An added plus to this defensive display of awesomeness is that Coco is starting to come alive at the plate, with an 8 game hitting streak in his back pocket heading into tonights game.

Beckett went to 6-0 for the year, giving the team 7 innings, followed by Okajima (AL ROOKIE OF THE MONTH) and the 9th was manned by Mike Timlin, giving Pap the night off.

Tonight, Daisuke takes the bump at 3-2 on the season: how 'bout we make it 4-2 with another Web Gem or 2 from Coco thrown in for good measure.

Sounds about right to me.


Tex said...

A good friend of mine who is a yankee fan...told me today that he is sure of it that we will be there in October. I smiled...but dont want to jinx it..not yet.

I hope I pray I smile when I think about Beckett getting another ring with this team.

scott h said...

Here you go little buddy, repeat this 20times.

So tired need sleep
eyes too heavy to hold up
I need to get sleep

Ted D said...

Tex, my Yankee buddy refuses to even compliment the Red Sox, while I rant in his ear on the phone everyday! And Beckett helping the Sox get another ring would be brilliant.

Scotty, I tried it: didn't work.

I think Rakes screaming in the background my be part of my problem.

KAYLEE said...

give us a win tonight

::back to my mickey mantle report::

scott h said...

Want to rent my Mantle , Maris autog. photo for your show and tell?

scott h said...

So you say this is a rainout makeup tonight?

Ted D said...

Yep: and it's going swimmingly so far.

5-0 Mariners, bottom of the FIRST.


Ted D said...

Game is now 5-5 in the top of the third.

Was putting Rakes to bed, so I missed the first part of it, but saw Lugo hit a 2 run double, and Papi a RBI single to tie it up.


scott h said...

wouldn't it be funny if you fell stone cold a sleep right now!

Ted D said...

Yes: REALLY funny. Crazy how you can feel like the game is over after 1 inning, then they roar right back.

Ted D said...

Quick update:

7-7 tie going into the top of the 6th inning. Sox took a 7-5 lead, but the M's scored 2 in the top of the 5th to tie.

scott h said...

Who is giving up all the freakin runs?

Ted D said...

Errors are giving up the freaking runs: errors and walks. Matsuzaka had a 5 run deficit with only 2 hits allowed: the 3 walks and the error counted for the rest.

Sloppy, sloppy play on both teams.

Christine E. said...

Hello everyone!

THIS is one of the WIERDEST games in a long time...and they are only in the 7th!

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...


You had me worried!

And is this not the freakiest game? Must be the "make up game for a rainout syndrome" I guess.

We are good: hope you are as well.

Christine E. said...

Sorry to worry you Ted...Crazy wedding planning week....LOL

Still not sleeping huh?

Ted D said...


Forgot you are about to take the big plunge. Hope all that is going well.

And no, I'm still not sleeping. It's killing me: I'm too old to be messing with this.

Christine E. said...

It's going fine--Just a ton of work..

Have you tried meditation? There are some excellent tapes out there....

Homer from Manny--lets hope it's enough...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

It's official from Fenway:

8-7 Sox, thanks to 2 HR's from Manny.

What a freaking game.

Christine E. said...

Yeah! WHAT A game!

Hope you have some better luck getting some sleep...

Talk to you tomorrow..I am BEAT...

Ted D said...

Thanks Christine:

Get some rest: you've only got the rest of your life to live you know!

And I'm SO glad I'm in a 15 year marriage: at my age, there is NO way I could go through another wedding!

Mattie said...

Checking in...watching a movie with the wife, so just wanted to say:



HorshamScouse said...

Hope you're not still awake to read this but what a game. I caught a little of the mayhem at lunchtime and just ran the condensed game. Wow!
Dice-K looked worryingly human but the bullpen and the bats picked him up. Oh, and Manny looked like Manny.