Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You can't win 'em all

*Photo from the Boston Globe*

I'm not going to let the fact that the Red Sox dropped 2 of 3 vs. New York, or the fact that Curt Schilling has looked, well, old, his last 3 starts spoil my birthday. I'm going to think happy thoughts like this picture and enjoy my day.

Would I have liked a win? Sure. But it's a 162 game season, and even with a loss tonight, the Red Sox are still 9.5 games ahead of the next closest team in the East, which just so happens to be the Yankees.

Bigger problems than that occupy the vast emptiness in my head: such as why has my manly office, with framed Red Sox magazine covers, a "Reserved for Red Sox Fans Only" parking sign, and World Series poster been taken over by a pile of clothes, toys, and junk for some future yard sale? Or why it is after 9 pm and Rakes should be fast asleep, yet the unmistakable sound of a toy laser gun being fired is coming from behind his bedroom door? Finally, I hope this yard sale with it's date TBD means I can get out of my car after pulling into the garage WITHOUT having to turn into some freak show contortionist as I climb around bicycles, plastic lawn mowers, TWO sets of golf clubs, and a little red wagon.

Thanks to everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes: it's been a good day, and my break for freedom is only 2 days away. As much as I hate off-days, tomorrows day of rest for the boys will allow me to finally watch the season finale's of 24 and LOST, so at least it'll be productive.

Down in Arlington, the Rangers are waiting for the Red Sox caravan to arrive: here's to a 3 game Red Sox sweep, coupled with an Angel beat down of the Yankees.

After all: it is STILL my birthday, and everybody gets to make a wish on their birthday, right?


Tex said...

Ted I hope i bring the boys good luck while there..PV's and Rally Hoots for the boys

Ted D said...

Godspeed Tex: I hope you can pull them through.

scott h said...

You can't win them all? Thats your answer for tonight! ERRR. Well I hope your big night is more productive

scott h said...

Godspeed Tex:

Jr are you on some kind of medication? or are you watching some ponyexpress movie.

Tex said...

scotty, leave Teddy alone...i need ALL the help/speed I can get..if GOD wants me to speed on I-35....far be from ME to stop :)

tomorrow will be LONG day. I drive east an hour to city to monitor personnel files of a county...then drive north to Dallas about 4 or so hours...then meet up with girl who is going with to game at give her ticket..since she wont get there till 6:30...get up early and conduct training/meeting all day at Dallas prob dept...change/leave at 4pm to head to get in gate at 5ish...which reminds me...I got to go pack my tickets...later

Ted D said...

See Scotty? You really need to try to keep up more.

And no, you can't win them all: have YOU ever heard of a team going 162-0? The Red Sox will win somewhere around 100 games, which gets you in the playoffs nearly every time.

I forget sometimes you are a basketball fan who is converting.

Stacy said...

Ted, tomorrow's a new day and a new game. I wonder who the person is who gave Rakes said toy with laser? :) At least he's not screaming.

Hope you birthday was great.

Carol said...

Hi Ted - I've been sick the last couple of days, but wanted to say -Happy (belated) Birthday! Also, you have a great attitude. Have a wonderful weekend with Angie!

Ted D said...

Hi Carol: sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you are much better today. Had a good birthday and I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow!

scott h said...

I'm not asking for 162-0 BUT when you and Our Gang slam the MFY everday and then they hand you your butt you have to say HMM.

Ted D said...

Scott, the season series is 6-3. If the Yankees had gotten swept, thier season, more than likely would have been done, with Torre getting canned.

The Yankees won 2 out of 3 games they HAD to have.

Sox STILL 9.5 ahead, which is a 18 game swing.

Come off the ledge: it'll be OK.

Mattie said...

Ahhhh...Bub is stirring the pot tonight! Must have been a rain-out in the plant world...he's feisty!

Hey! Did y'all know the Stanley Cup Finals start Monday night?

Ted D said...

Who is Stanley, and why would anyone want an athletic supporter?

Just messin', eh. Go Sabres!

Mattie said...

Haaaa haaaa haaaa! Hockey humor! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! Haaa Haaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!