Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two for the Money

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

When this happened, I was hoping someone got a shot of it. After Julio led off the bottom of the first with a solo home run, he jumped into Papi's arms like Rakes would do to me. Classic Red Sox: 2 grown men acting like 6 year olds. Made me smile from ear to ear.

Mike Lowell was the star today: 4 for 5 with a grand slam and 3 singles in the early game. In addition to his and Julio's shot, Youk had a 2 run blast and WMP hit one that I think is still rolling down the Mass Pike. Final score in game one: 13-3.

Game 2: not so good. 14-0 Braves, and the boys could not get anything going vs. Smoltz, who went 7, gave up 3H, 1BB, 7K's and 0R.

Good news is this: the Sox end the day in the same position they started. 10.5 games up over the Yanks, who lost again today to the Mets.

Tomorrow it's Kason Gabbard vs. Tim Hudson: clearly in the Braves favor, but you just never know.

For me, game 1 makes up for game 2: watching all those balls leave Fenway was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


KAYLEE said...

kason could surprise us tommorrow hes better than julian tavarez:-)
I love that 10.5 number.YAY!I am really excited about this team:-)

Stacy said...

Glad they won the first game, but you gotta give Smoltz his due; 40 years old and they can't hit him. Puts a smile on the face of us in the over 40 crowd. :)

Tex said...

I have to say that I totally respect Smoltz and the fact he's 40...yah makes it even better.

Hudson against Gabbard...anything can happen

Ted D said...

John Smoltz is one of the best pitchers of this era. Would probably be closer to 300 wins than 200 if he had not been willing to close for them for several years.

Man, when you think about that rotation of Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine the Braves had all those years, it's amazing they only won one championship.

Stacy said...

Ted, I saw a stat yesterday of pitchers that their first pitch were strikes. #1 was Smoltz and #2 was Maddux. Pretty amazing at this stage in their career.

Ted D said...

Stacy, Schilling is I believe the all time strikes to ball ratio leader. He HATES walking guys. I think the older the pitcher the smarter: they know they can't just blow it by people anymore.

KAYLEE said...

The rain delay wait has been well worth it so far:)

Stacy said...

Ted, I think these stats were for this year only.

Far be it from me to steal any of Mr. Schilling's thunder. :)

KAYLEE said...

NICE WIN TONIGHT! by the sox.

Ted D said...

Stacy, I didn't mean it like it came off. Maddox and Smoltz are two of the best in the game. Though Maddux, because he has such good control, gets the benifit of the doubt on the "questionable" ones. As he should.

John said...

Nice win today, Gabbard came through. Let's hope the Mets beat the Yankees again tonight

Ted D said...

Hi John: Jeter just hit a 2 run shot: Yankees 4-2 in the top of the 4th.

Of course, if Shawn Green had not been playing Damon like he was David Ortiz, Maine would have been out of the woods.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you and the 3 younguns are well.