Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Final Countdown

*Picture courtesy of Kelly*

On April 2 of this year, Gerry Callahan of the Boston Herald wrote the following:

"Ramirez has two seasons remaining on his eight-year, $160 million dollar contract, and then he'll be out of the Red Sox lineup and out of our lives for good. We're at T-minus 19 months to liftoff from Planet Manny, and then the man will disappear into Red Sox history, never to appear at NESN again."

I knew this was coming: it's sort of like tax day: you just put it to the back of your mind, force yourself to forget about it for a while, and then deal with it when it gets here.

Over the weekend, I received my Boston Herald and Boston Globe commemorative World Series books in the mail, and reading those I came across the article I quoted. Technically, Manny won't be a free agent: the team has $20 million dollar options for 2009/2010. The likelihood they exercise them falls right behind Rakes NOT getting in trouble tomorrow and the sun rising in the morning. NO WAY this ownership group is going to give 1 player $40 million for 2 years: especially not one who will be 36 at the end of next year and whose effort and defensive skills are considered by some as, well, questionable at best.

No more manic finger pointing, petting other players heads, and water bottles in the outfield. No more IPods during BP, random head first slides, and wearing Wally's glove in the dugout.

On the flip side? No more tape measure Home Runs, no more circus catches NOBODY saw coming, no more getting to watch one of the best pure hitters to ever play the game on a daily basis, and no more man hugs with Papi, Tito, the clubhouse attendant, and the guy selling hot dogs behind the Red Sox dugout.

Without Manny, the Red Sox world will be a little less brighter, a little less quirkier, and infinitely less entertaining.

Finally, I've gotta wish a Happy 33rd birthday to my younger and much uglier little brother, Mattie. You're getting old, man.

Welcome to the club.


Tex said...

33 is a good number.

Happy Birthday Mattie!!

oh come on Ted. you KNOW someone else will fill Manny's shoes as the class clown. Its a space that can't help itself. It begs for someone to be "that guy" on the team. the Red Sox have always had that player...Manny is just an exaggerated one. Millar was it for awhile. Spaceman was it back then.

and maybe if Manny used Wally's glove, it would bring more entertainment out there

sittingstill said...

Ted, every time I pick a day to catch up on photos it seems I find a Manny treat. These were from July 31:
the look
the hug

Tex said...

is lugo just embarrassed??

Ted D said...


I realize someone else will fill in.

But I'm telling you, there will always be ONLY one Manny: he's one of a kind.

And RSN will be the loser once he's gone.

Kelly, can I hire you as my personal Red Sox photographer? The pay will suck, there are no benefits, buy you'll have my unending gratitude.

Ted D said...

buy = but.

Seriously, I'll hire you tomorrow.

Tex said...

i know that there is only one Manny. I dont want to lose him either.

and I think you meant buy not but. you DO want to buy her services right? and get in line bub cos all of us want her for our game photographer too

Ted D said...

buy, but, whatever.

I just want to go back 15 years and have her take my wedding pictures.

Tree Newt said...

I'll miss Manny when he's gone, because he always makes you laugh. Plus, I'll miss the pimping when he nails a fastball over the Monstah. But life will go on.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, guys. I appreciate it. 33 is a good number, Tex. You've got Tek, and, as you all know, the legendary Patrick Roy.

Plus, as my mom pointed out to me, Jesus was crucified when He was 33. Not quite sure how to take that one.

Tex said...

why were ya playing baseball?

Ted D said...

I THINK that was directed at me, though at this point, I'm so tired I'm not sure.

Dude, the fact you and Jesus were 33 is a coininkidink.

Trust me. ;)

And with that, I'm off to sleep: THIS old man is tired.

Tree Newt said...

And dude, nothing in the world could have helped your wedding pictures. The maroon carpet and having the wedding at night didn't lend itself to quality conditions.

Tex said...

either way. Im enjoying your slideshow ted. and that new flag is a sticker off a Sox site. cool huh?

Ted D said...


Kelly and her magic camera would have made our wedding pictures tons better. 1994 wasn't exactly the year of the digital camera.

Tex, glad you like the slide show: I'm going to add more of the kids. hopefully this week.

Tex said...

im glad someone doesnt have a demanding job ::ducks and runs::

Ted D said...

Are you cracking on me? I'm currently in the office, doing the paperwork my sister used to take care of.

Weary is the head that wears the crown, Tex.

Tex said...

weary is the head that wears the crown?? what? have you gone treenewt on me now?

Ted D said...

No, but my back sure is sore from carrying my brother on my back at work this week. He goes to Disneyland and I'm left to steer the sales ship.

Tex said...

\\He goes to Disneyland//

be happy for the positive. You don't have to leave your home to go to Disneyland :)

scott h said...

I'm a little late jumping on Ted, But again its never to late to jump on Ted.

Tex, Ted wouldn't leave his couch if Micky and Donald were out in his driveway.

Tex said...

but he's got huey and dewey at the house right?

Tex said...

no wait. I was wrong. Ted is Donald and Chip and Dale are trot and rakes :)

of course pretty ciera is cinderella

Tex said...

perhaps ted will forgive me for all these quips when he sees this

scott h said...

Wrong story Tex. He has Moe and Curley at home.

Tex said...

but we were talking Disney. Moe and Curly dont work for disney.

according to myth, chip and dale antagonized Donald

Tex said...

scottie. you really should check out my 12 days of christmas.

~**Dawn**~ said...

What I am really concerned about is the Sox saying they are willing to give up Ellsbury for Santana now. I know that means Lester would not be included, but to be honest... I would rather see Lester go than Ellsbury.

Ted D said...

Well, I see Tex and Scott had productive mornings. ;)

Tex, Huey and Dewey, Chip and Dale, Frick and Frack. They all fit.

On a side note, they visited the rest home where their great Grandmother lives. And they got loose: more to come.

Dawn, I want to keep Ellsbury above all of the other prospects. But I'm torn on this whole thing now. We've got the chance to have a rotation of Beckett, Santana, Bucholz, Matsuzaka for a LONG time.

And Pap slamming the door shut.

It's pretty enticing: I still think it's Epstein playing mind games with the Yankees.

Tex said...

\\And they got loose: more to come.//

you honestly should write a book.

wait...or you gonna pull a red and denton?

Ted D said...

Tex, if I honestly thought anyone would give more than 5 cents to read it, I maybe would give it a shot.

I laughed tears just hearing Angie tell it to me: and this was AFTER Stacy had already told it to me once.

Tree Newt said...

"No, but my back sure is sore from carrying my brother on my back at work this week. He goes to Disneyland and I'm left to steer the sales ship."

Yeah, yeah...I know, Mr. "I didn't take a vacation this year." You carry me even when I'm here, though, so what difference does it make if I leave the state?

Ted D said...

Mattie, you know I'm just busting on you a little bit.

Just pretend for me, thats all I ask. ;)

scott h said...

Wow Jr that was a little brutal.
I thought I was the Marble Busta!

Ted D said...

You're a funny guy.


Tex said...

the boys came out to play tonight I see

Ted D said...

Tex, you work with troubled youth.

Do I need to worry?

Tex said...

uhm im not sure what YOU are talking about. i was talking about the Dalton gang

Ted D said...

I WAS talking about the Dalton gang: the 50 year old in law, the 33 year old deadbeat, and the 4 year old and not yet 2 year old of mine.

New post is up, btw.

Peter N said...

Ted, hello. I will treasure 2008 with our Manny batting cleanup. The pitching rotation? Who the h*ll knows! Great to be here, by the way!

~**Dawn**~ said...

My biggest fear is sinking that much time & money into a pitcher -- *any* pitcher. I'm still way too traumatized by the Matt Clement experience. It's nice in theory, to think of a rotation like that. But part of what is enjoyable for me, as a fan, isn't *just* the World Series win, but watching these guys for 162 games. And players like Ellsbury make the whole season exciting. I don't want to sell the farm on one guy, for that much money & have him in for Tommy John surgery in June. As of this morning though, it appears the Twins & Red Sox have exchanged medical records on Santana & Lester -- that package is the one I want to see happen! The one with Lester-Coco, not Ellsbury.