Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Tale of Two Trots

I got a call from my buddy Josh up in MA today, and the poor guy sounded like he'd just been to a funeral. This was around noon, a good two hours away from the release of "The Mitchell Report", a nearly 2 year witch hunt that Uncle Bud commissioned to find out the "truth" about steroids and baseball.

Josh told me that WEEI was reporting that among the names on Mitchell's list was Jason Varitek, Julian Tavarez, and Trot Nixon: His sadness wasn't for Tek, or Tavarez, or Trot (Incidentally, NONE of the three were mentioned in the report: some dink just dragged their names through the mud for nothing), it was for me. I'm paraphrasing here, but "I just feel bad for you and your boy."

Spoken like a fellow Munchkin: Thanks, man.

What I told him in response was basically this: If Trot Nixon HAD showed up on that list, it wouldn't have changed the fact he is one of my all time favorite players or caused me to regret I named my son after him. Nixon just happened to come along during the most controversial period in baseball since Shoeless Joe Jackson fixed the World Series: for any player in the same boat, it's gonna be guilt by association. And that's too bad: because of no tests for certain drugs such as HGH, we'll NEVER know exactly how many guys skirted the system.

Besides, with every passing day I'm more convinced that choosing the name Trot for our 3rd child was perfect. Consider today:

My Mom kept him for a few hours today, and at one point, she found him furiously running in place.




She had to change his socks, shoes, and pants: WHY is this child fascinated with the commode?

Later on, I took Ciera to the book fair at her school: when we left, the boy was fine. When we returned 45 minutes later, he had ran into an open cabinet door and richoched off the wall, ending up with a Gorbachev-esque mark on his forehead and a wicked bruise on his nose:

Now, if THAT isn't a Dirt Dog, I don't know what is.


Tree Newt said...

Dude, I think I missed the Toilet Dance by about 10 minutes. I can thank my father-in-law for that one. He was an hour late taking me to get my car. See what tardiness costs us?!!!

The marks on his face are no surprise, either. While I was there (and he was only there about 5 minutes with me), he climbed up on the barstool, banged his head on the counter, did a little Trotster dance on the counter top, threw some GI Joes at me, and then played "catch me if you can" with Angie. That boy is the epitome of a whirling dervish.

God bless your soul, little bro. You have much to deal with at your humble abode.

Tree Newt said...

And check out the Perch. I wrote one just for you.

Ted D said...


I count the fact I have yet to check into a mental institution as a feather in my cap.

It is insane around here: I hate you missed the Toilet Dance.

Tell Horace to get a watch, for pete's sake.

Tex said...

whats the name of those machines that the ball pings off each wall?? Pinball!!

thats what he is Pinball.

Ted D said...

Pinball, huh Tex?

It fits, that's for sure.

Tex said...

did the trail of lights tonight. your kids would love it. i was thinking of rakes as I walked through ... how much damage he'd do. I'd pay his way to come here to see it

Ted D said...

I'm sure they would have a blast, Tex. Everything I've read about it is awesome.

Though I'm not sure you realize the extent of the damge Rakes could cause. You might need a second job to cover it. ;)

Tex said...

id bring leg shackles and the promise of candy and pirate gear if he behaved

Stacy said...

Most definitely a dirt dog. I was dying when Angie told me about the running in the commode.:)

His poor little face looks pitiful, but I'm sure he was going 90 to nothin' about 5 seconds later.

Ted, I am in awe of you and Angie. I'd probably be under my bed in the fetal position.

Ted D said...

Tex: giving him candy would be like pouring honey all over yourself and jumping in a bear cage. Not a good idea: though the pirate gear is OK.

Stacy, we go by the 3 P's around here:

Prayer, patience, and Percosat.

Tex said...

uh Ted I said the "promise" of candy...I'd never give it to him :)

or give him broccoli and say its Incredible Hulk Candy.

Ted D said...

Good point Tex.

Now, can you tell me what happend to my banner? It shrunk.

Tex said...

hey Master of the did it not me. I tell ya me and Rakes are innocent. Im still trying to get my 04 and 07 banner pic up there for me.

Ted D said...

It's a sad day when the pupil outpaces the teacher. :P

gojohn said...

Luckily later report show Trot Nixon not to be on the list... not sure how this helps w/your dancing issues!

Edge of Design said...

Youch! That had to hurt! Question for you Red Sox Fans today...
In your opinion do you think it's only a coincidence that Mitchell connected to the Boston Red Sox managed to pinpoint their chief rival, the Yankees in this? What say you?

JMP said...

In that picture you can hear Trot thinking to him self: 'That did not hurt and it looks cool and Dad...let me see your camera!!!'

Yes sir, you sure have some busy boys in your house!!

God bless ya!!

My oldest was about 1/2 as bad and she was one heck of a hand full!!

Ted D said...


What kills me is we'll never know who and how many.

Edge, I don't think there was any bias: I think they lucked into a guy who was willing to talk who happened to have trained the Rocket. All their information is basically coming from a guy under indictment and this guy. Some other stuff from players, but not much. I'm going to try to muddle through the report this weekend.

jmp, it's a circus, man. I'm enjoying the ride, it's just surviving it I'm worried about.

Tex said...

its only cos the pupil has time to lollygag

Ted D said...

I'm NOT lollygagging: my slave driver of a brother in law has me cleaning out our office.

I've found price lists from 2001, so I guess it's about time.

Tex said...

well if you would clean more often you wouldnt waste time cleaning out things from the dinosaur ages

Ted D said...

I blame Stacy: if she hadn't quit and went back to teaching, everything would be clean.

Tex said...

you really should learn to take responsibility for your own actions. its part of growing up

Ted D said...


scott h said...

In light of all the commotion I believe it is time again to start the wheels of the "let Pete in bandwagon. If not the Game is full of hypocrites.

Ted D said...

Bub, Rose SHOULD be in with a description on his plaque that he was banned from the game for gambling. Same with Shoeless Joe Jackson.

And I think McGwire should be in, Sosa, Palmiero, and Bonds one day: but they won't.

Yet OJ has a bust in Canton: he KILLED two people and is in the HOF.

Stacy said...

Ted, back to your comment blaming me because the office is a pit; is that your way of saying you miss me? :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Your boys are adorable, but I have to tell you, Ted. I've been babysitting since I was twelve (ah yes, different times back then...) and I majored in Child Development, worked five years in a daycare, mostly with the one-year-olds, but also with the infants & the two-year-olds. And your very adorable boys? Scare me. LOL.

Ted D said...

Dawn, my sister told me you had commented here: I laughed out loud!

Scare you? How do you think WE feel?