Monday, December 3, 2007

Over the River and through the Woods

When I last saw Rakes and Trot this morning, Angie had them loaded in the man van and heading off to visit Angie's Grandmother, Annie. I've gone on these trips before, and the combination of headstrong, curious children and slow moving elderly people has presented a bit of a challenge. What happened today may well keep Angie from ever going without back up again.

According to her, for awhile all went well. Annie's son and his wife were there, and they were enough of an audience to keep the boys busy. For a while. It wasn't long until Trot was firing the contents of Annie's fruit basket across the room while shouting "ball" and Rakes was doing his 2 ft, 4 year old impression of J.J. from Good Times.

It was then that Trot discovered Annie's walker, which he then proceeded to bang into every wall, door frame, and piece of furniture in her room. About the time Ang got THAT put away, her phone rang. At this point, the wheels just freaking fall off the visit.

As she answers the phone, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum take off running down the hall like someone with their hair on fire: if you've never seen a 4 year old and a toddler run, it's sort of like a Mama Cheetah flat out hauling tail while the newborn baby Cheetah hurtles along RIGHT on the edge of out of control.

When she finally catches up to them, they are in some elderly mans room. He's passed out asleep in bed while Rakes is standing over him shining a flashlight at his eyes shouting "Wake up Grandpa! Wake up!"Meanwhile, Trot is frantically running in circles in this poor mans bathroom, looking for something, ANYTHING, he can stuff in the commode.

As Ang comes into the room, Rakes turns to her and says "He not waking up, Mom. What wrong with him?" while all she's trying to do is keep Trot from clogging this poor guys toilet up and getting them out of there without him waking up. They somehow make their escape without either the old man stirring or his toilet overflowing in the process.

After I got home, I asked Rakes why he was trying to shine the light in the mans eyes: his response? (You have to get the visual at this point: he's in a cape, a Spider Man mask, and holding a Pirate sword.)

"I was dust tryin' to see what tolor his eyes were, Dad."

Of course he was.

I'm not sure Dennis the Menace's Dad ever had days like this.


Tex said...

tears. streaming. down. my face. ::holds sides::

Forget the need to do a Disney Movie or better yet: Comic Book

Captain Spidey and his sidekick "The Trot Man"

Ted D said...

Tex, you may have hit it on the nose: a comic book.

Think I could get Kurt to write it for me?

I REALLY wish I could have been there for it: those two are better than a movie. Poor Angie was so frazzled I don't think she could appreciate how funny the whole thing was.

Tex said...

tell her she should really record these stories so she can tell them to the boys' girlfriends when they are teens. They are Perfect Stories and ones to tell their kids as well. :)

Ted D said...

I think I may go back and print off any posts I've done on the kids and put them in a scrapbook.

Just for times like that.

Tex said...

Ive been telling you to do that. You need to print out ALl the stories for ya know that thing called
posterity or embarrassment whichever comes first :)

Ted D said...

I'm pretty sure embarrasment will come first.

Oh well, my parents did it to me with home movies and I survived.

Tex said...

Im beat. Im heading to granbury in the morning for the week. i hate to say it but I really wish christmas would be another month away...i am just not in the mood or spirit.

Ted D said...

Buck up Tex, and have a safe week.

Talk to you later.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, I wonder if we were like that when mom and dad took us places? I can see you strutting around like JJ, and me just looking for something to break. the more things change...

Ted D said...

...the more they stay the same.

I doubt we were like that: Dad would have used that spade on us if we were.

Tree Newt said...

You forget: he did use the spade on one of us.

Ted D said...

Oh yeah, thats right.

You probably deserved it.

scott h said...

Good story Jr. Its just missing a good punch line this time, Like Trot puts the old dudes false teeth in his mouth and runs down the hall.

Like I told you their are easier ways to get Angie to move to another state than leaving her with the Hela Monsters all day. Give her a break take the boys with you on a few sales calls.

Ted D said...

//Give her a break take the boys with you on a few sales calls.//

You are a funny, funny man.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am so far behind on blogs... Stupid end of year projects. =P

This story reminds me of when my dad had his stroke back in 2000. My littlest brother was a little over two years old at the time. We would go to visit Dad at the rehab facility where he was undergoing physical, speech & occuplational therapy. It was a wing of a nursing home. One evening, Zach queitly slipped from the room. And then ran shrieking down the hall and in & out of people's rooms...