Friday, December 28, 2007

Visit from a Scouser

*Photo courtesy of Ciera*

While there was doubt whether Horshamscouse would survive his visit, I'm happy to say my friend John did indeed make it out alive after coming to Casa De Ted.

Rakes and Trot were immediately in awe, I think because of the accent. I'm not sure John noticed, because even in a state of amazement they still act like they are hopped up on sugar. Or meth, take your pick. It helped that John showed up with 3 bags full of presents, including a soccer ball(he noticed in an earlier picture Rakes was playing with a ball that was too big. Them Brits and their football), New Zealand hats, a CSI kit, and even some Jade earrings for Ang all the way from New Zealand. The highlight?

The bears Rakes and Trot are holding: if you look close, one is New Zealand police officer and the other is a crook, complete with miniature handcuffs; Appropriately, Rakes is holding the criminal. Both boys have went to bed the past 2 nights clutching these as they went to sleep, so well done John.

During the day I learned that the Horsham part of his tag name is a market town outside of London, while a scouse is short for scouser. Scouser is actually a Danish dish that the people of Horsham were known for eating, hence the Scouse part. Like some daft tourist, I had to know what a pound was compared to a dollar and what in the world a "quid" was. Turns out, it's a pound. Who knew?

I also got a big kick out of the language difference: "Bugger" and "bollocks" were as funny to me as I'm sure "Y'all" and Angie saying "Tahed" when calling my name were to him. "Homemade Biscuit" is apparently universal.

Surprisingly, there were no major International incidents concerning the boys; they were actually on pretty good behavior. I think Trot running pedal to the metal toward sharp corners made John a little jumpy, and at one point he remarked to Ciera that Rakes didn't seem to have a volume other than 10. We drove around and looked at Christmas lights, and paid a visit to my Mom and Dad; Right after Mom was diagnosed with cancer, John sent us some DVD's of New Zealand for her to watch, so she was tickled to meet him.

Just before leaving, Rakes asked Horsham to "read me a tory":

Note the look of intense concentration on Rakes' face: this is usually only seen when he's getting ready to give Trot a flying body press. With the last story told, John, I imagine with great relief, headed back to his sister's home in Virginia. The fact he got pulled over, had to call a tow truck, and may have been driving illegally is a story for another day that I think I'll let him tell if he wishes.

Almost as soon as he'd left, Rakes looked at me and asked this: "Dad. Been is Mr. John toming back again? Me like him. Me like him A LOT."

I'd say it was a success.

Safe travels, Horsham.

You're welcome here anytime.


beckperson said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all and it seems that Scouser is British for Santa Claus!

Poor John and his driving problems. Can't wait to hear the whole story some time.

Tex said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Sweet Story of his visit. So now I've got to outdo HS in my visit. Candy works right? :)

Well Im sure Rakes won't be in awe of my accent...and I'm betting that I can out do them both on the volume. Perhaps I'll bring toy drums, guitars and cymbals.


Ted D said...

Becks, it was great to meet him. The fact he still wanted to come considering the house was a hazmat situation waiting to happen say's it all. The driving story is a classic, but I want him to tell it!

Tex, candy will work: however, if you think you can beat Rakes in volume, you are in for a rude awakening. Trust me; I asked Horsham!

Tex said...

well we'll see about that. Me and Rakes will take it outside and have a screaming contest. you need to ask JET how loud I am at a game. I was much subdued at the game we all attended.

Ted D said...

Tex, trust me. He's in a league of his own. "Use your quiet voice" is not something he's familiar with.

I failed to mention he was up at 4 a.m. this morning, waking me up off the couch and Ang and Ciera out of my bed with his impression of Foghorn Leghorn.

Also, no offense John, but Ciera did an inventory to make sure you didn't make off with her Lizzy McGwire CD's or her High School Musical DVD.

Tree Newt said...

I hate I wasn't able to meet John. It would have been great just to see the boys interact with him. And I'm looking forward to the traveling story.

I do want to know though: did his tires squeal as he left your drive?

Redbeard76 said...

So to sum up:

Rakes indoor voice = Rakes outdoor voice.

Edge of Design said...

I'm curious about what story had Rakes attention. It sounds like a fun visit. How did he enjoy the Southern Sausage dish Ang described to me?

Mattie: Excellent! EXCELLENT! question. It is I that likes the way you think.

Tex said...

Dude! how much did you pay red and denton?? what am I?? chopped liver??

Ted D said...

Matt, I hate you missed him too. And now that you mention it, he did remind me of an English version of Bo Duke when he left.

Stephen: Exactly.

Edge, it was some story out of this big Disney book he got from Santa.

And Tex, what in the world are you rambling about now?

Ted D said...

Denise, he loved the sausage balls. I still have a hard time realizing there are folks who haven't experienced the joy that is sausage balls.

And Matt, I'm saying it like that guy did when he called Jimmy Dean.


Tex said...

im left out in the cold all alone while you and stephen are touted on sg

Ted D said...

Holy Crap: Stephen and I got linked!

Tex, I'm sure it's just an oversight.

::Renton, if you read this be afraid. You've got Tex on the warpath::

Tex said...

i bout died when i saw that. You'd think with Red's man crush on Beckett...he accept another Texan! :p

Ted D said...

Tex, I can't believe it myself. I feel honored they did that.

Tex said...

you should feel honored. Well I'm good today. I have my own wheaties box coming to me courtesy of SotB. and of course i have to brag on my blog about it :)

Ted D said...

SotB got you a Beckett box? Very cool. It kills me they wouldn't have any in Texas but do in California.

HorshamScouse said...

If challenged, I would have guessed that Sausage Balls was some kind of unspeakable affliction. As made by Ang they were delicious.

The visit with Ted and his family was delightful from beginning to end.

Scouse = labskaus, a Danish beef and potato stew (eaten in Liverpool not Horsham, but close enough).

The driving story will be appearing on a blog near you soon, when I've composed my letter of complaint to the VSP and the Governor Kaine.

Ted D said...

John, now that you mention it if you don't know what they are it does sound sort of painful!

I JUST figured out what your image is when you post. It's a giant Kiwi bird! Man, I'm slow sometimes.

I'm looking forward to seeing the story along with the letter you are sending to the Governor!!

Tex said...

I think you should scan the letter and post it on your blog. Nothing like a little publicity to up the ante

Ted D said...

Me? Or Horsham?

I've got to get ready. We're supposed to leave in 30 minutes to go eat with Angie's cousins. I wonder if I can swing where I'm back by 8:30 to see the Patriots game.

I'm putting off getting ready as my form of silent protest.

Tex said...

Ted you could feign the dreaded illness angie and the kids had??

just a thought.

and i was talking about HS scanning the letter

Ted D said...

Yeah, but then I'd be stuck WITH the kids. It's really a no win. ;)

I'll take the night out I guess.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, Horsham's idea of what a sausage (said like the Texan) ball could be cracked me up! Funny, I've been eating those things since I was a wee lad, and I've never thought that! Now, I won't be able not to!

Congrats on making the big time, bro. You belong.

Tex said...

Ted this game is sucking sausage balls.

Ted D said...

Just got home Tex, and the in laws are watching some movie. Got to go check the score.

Mattie, Sausage. Hehe.