Friday, December 7, 2007

Surviving Santa. Or Santa Survived. Take Your Pick

What is it about Santa Claus that causes reactions like the one Rakes is having in small children? All week long he'd been going on and on about getting to see Santa tonight: in order to get him to even take the picture I had to PROMISE him he didn't have to sit on Santa's lap, he could get a cookie afterwards, and I'd take him to the bathroom as soon as we finished. Yet he STILL looks like I told him he couldn't have that catapult he wants for Christmas.

I'm pretty sure I threatened to make him sleep in his Christmas stocking as well, but there was a lot going on, so I can't swear to it.

Some other moments from visiting Santa:

Rakes uncovering one of life's great mysteries while watching the puppet show: after going behind the screen, he finds out there are PEOPLE who make the puppets move. I was cracking up at his expression and more than a little sad he figured this out, all at the same time.

Ciera's reaction to Santa's helper asking what she wanted him to bring her this year: happy, yet sort of embarrassed. I'm starting to think this might be the last year she is fully behind this whole "magical man bringing presents to ALL the children in the ENTIRE world" thing. With 90% of her friends telling her he's not real, to her being pretty quick on the uptake, I'm pretty sure she's on to the whole thing. In fact, I think she's kept it up this long for my sake: she knows how much it's going to break my heart when she finally grows up, I think she's putting it off for me. Excuse me for a second: it's a tad dusty in here.

I'll end on a good note: Trotter high fiving Santa Claus. He jibber jabbered at him the whole time, and except for not wanting to sit on his lap, Trot seemed rather fond of the guy while we were there. I'm honestly amazed we got one picture where he was looking at the camera and not craning his neck in a way that would have crippled a lesser child just to take a peek at Mr. Kringle.

As an adult, we tend to lose sight of how special Christmas really is: all the hype and commercialism makes me weak in the knees.

Viewing Christmas through the eyes of a child?

It's like you get to be 4 years old all over again.


Tex said...

wait. Rakes is afraid of Something??? maybe you should take Santa home with you.

im just sayin'

nice pics and I liked being 5

Ted D said...

Superman has Kryptonite.

Rakes has Santa Claus.

Who knew?

Tex said...

so next time he's being bad....tell him you're gonna go get Santa :)

im just kidding ya know.

Ted D said...

I know Tex.

Although that's not that bad of an idea.

ANYTHING to keep him from melting down.

Tex said...

so this week has been the week from hell. I would like to go see Santa and give him my list

Edge of Design said...

Cute pictures. Sorry to hear about the dust but perhaps you might want to invest in a humidifier. I hear they help take some of that dust out of the air.

Stacy said...

Tex is on to something. Save it for the really tough times, and then tell him if he doesn't behave, you're going to get Santa. :) Like when he's running amok with a flashlight in local nursing homes.

Ted D said...

Edge, I just sneeze it all away.

Stacy, do you honestly think it would stop him?


Stacy said...

Well...not really. Just trying to help. :)

Ted D said...

I appreciate the effort, Stacy. I really do.

I don't think a straightjacket could stop him, to be honest.

Tex said...

\\Like when he's running amok with a flashlight in local nursing homes.//

someone needs to get Angie a small handheld camcorder to carry with her. Ya could win a mint on the Funniest Videos ever.

Tex said...

but just so ya know if I was gonna be four again. I think I'd like to be Rakes living in Ted's house.

Ted D said...

I've thought about that, Tex.

We could be living the life of George Jefferson instead of Al Bundy already.


Ted D said...

Aw, thanks Tex. We must have been typing at the same time. Ang took Rakes and Ciera shopping, and I've got Trot tied in his high chair eating lunch: FREEDOM!

For at least 5 minutes.

Tex said...

thanks?? I was just thinking how I could really drive you crazier than Rakes has :)

Ted D said...

Should have known better: I thought you were saying I was a good Dad.

::sticks tongue out toward Texas::

Tex said...

well you are. But I was leaning more of wanting to see those looks on your face when Rakes did his antics.

Ted D said...

No offense Tex, but if I had to do this TWICE?

I'd be dead.

Tex said...

im heading out. ya know you dont even check my blog. course lately Ive been dry

Ted D said...

I check it everyday: in fact, I left you a comment just a little while ago, young lady.

Tex said...

i know i just left YOU a comment on my blog saying i was sorry

and you are forgiven anyway for calling me a young lady :)

Tree Newt said...

We had our first experience with the Santa Meltdown this year. It was quite the experience. I didn't realize it's lasts until age 4. Thanks for the warning.

And seeing Ciera coming to the edge of knowledge about the Jolly Ol' Man...that, too, lets me know what I've got coming.

They're scared for a few years, then they believe no more.

Tex said...

wait...theres NO Santa?????

Ted D said...


Trust me, man. It gets here before you know it.

Tex, easy: there is a Santa Claus. And a Easter Bunny, but no Great Pumpkin: that one was just made up by Linus.

Tex said...

well don't forget there is a HallowEENIE: ME :)

whew...i was about to go into a fit thinking theres no Santa

Ted D said...

You said it, Tex. Not me. :)

And you can rest easy: Santa isn't going anywhere.

KAYLEE said...

oh they all look cute with santa:)

that reminded me i need to think of what I want for christmas :)