Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Silent Night It Wasn't

Ciera had her play/Christmas musical at church tonight, and as usual did a great job. Dad and Mom, as usual, forgot to bring the camera and I have exactly zero pictures to show. Thankfully they video taped the whole thing and I can get a copy later.

There was no kids classes tonight, which meant Rakes was in the sanctuary with me the whole time. When we first picked our seat out, he bunny hopped all the way down the pew and turned to face me. He then yelled "Here I tome, Daddyman" and proceeded to hop his way back down the pew.

Once I convinced him to move down to where my parents were sitting, he yelled out every 3 seconds "I Tan't SEE!", even though the thing hadn't even started yet. As I leaned over to talk to Angie, I made a critical mistake: I took my eyes off him for a few seconds. When I turned back around, one of the ladies sitting in the row in front of us was pointing at the end of her row with a concerned look on her face.

There he was, no socks or shoes, standing on the 1 foot long, 3 inch wide arm of the pew, bouncing up and down like some meth addict in need of a fix. And the program HAD NOT EVEN STARTED YET.

After I had corralled and gotten him still, the musical started. 5 minutes in, I hear a familiar form of gibberish at a REALLY quiet point in the program. Turns out the nursery workers had brought the toddlers in the sanctuary, and sure enough, there was Trot on the back row, pointing and ranting right after his Sissy had her speaking part.

Every song and every story you hear during this time of year talks about the peacefulness of Christmas and silence seems to be a prevailing theme: I can truthfully say that since Ciera came along 9 years ago peace and silence are two words that have NOT been a part of Christmas for us.

However, laughter, joy, noise and happiness have played a prominent role.

Call me crazy, but I think we got the better end of the deal.


Edge of Design said...

Where is a camera when you need one? I have no doubt it was not a silent night in fact it probably wasn't anywhere remotely close to it. Memories...

Ted D said...

Edge, we left it at home. One of our friends who came let us know she took some pictures and would email us. Sadly, Rakes training to be a circus performer wasn't captured on film.

Stacy said...

Ted, he was not that bad (although I didn't see him on the arm of the pew.)

He just wanted to sit with everyone between you and Mom. :)

The question is, did you play "Tar Wars" with him when he got home?

Redbeard76 said...

I know I'm in for it now. My Sierra just started walking in earnest yesterday (yes, Mrs. Redbeard got it on video - I may blog it but it came out pretty dark). I fear for my life. Soon she'll be jumping on church pew arm rests too, I can just feel it.

Tex said...

Rakes just lives with passion Ted. its a good thing...really. :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, him standing on the end of the pew was classic Rakes: teetering on the edge of out of control.

Stephen, Sierra most likely will be a breeze: my Ciera was. The girls just don't get into as much. I don't think they are wired that way: unless your name is Tex. ;)

Speaking of, how are ya this morning, Tex? I believe it's a good thing, Tex. And I'm sure it'll serve him well once he gets a little older, but right now, the boy is KILLING me!

Tree Newt said...

Dude, we need to sign you guys up for your own reality show on TLC. I'm serious. Have you ever seen "Little People Big World?" You guys blow it out of the water! I'm going to nominate you for your own camera crew as soon as I finish this post.

I can see it now:

Daddyman and the Wild Bunch

Ted D said...

Yeah Mattie, thats exactly what Rakes needs: a cameraman to show off even MORE for!

Redbeard76 said...

She is a very good girl - if she picks something up off the floor, I'll say "Give to daddy", and she will give it to me. But now that she is mobile, I think my grey hairs will multiply at a much faster rate.

Ted D said...

Stephen, my 4 year old won't pick up stuff off the floor when I ask him. Sierra sounds like a good child. And the gray hairs? Just laugh lines, man.