Sunday, December 9, 2007

Looking at the Lights

Most Sunday evenings from Thanksgiving until the end of the year, we load the kids up in the man van and go look at the Christmas lights. Tonight we started at the rest home down the road, where they do a Two Night Only drive through light show.

Per Ciera's request, we popped some popcorn before we left for her and her brothers to eat during the drive: We didn't make it out of the garage before Trot dumped his out all over himself.

Once we got there, as much as I hollered, waved my hands in front of his face, and at one point, PHYSICALLY turned his head, Trot wouldn't take his eyes away from Toy Story, which was playing on the built in VCR. As far as he knows, we loaded them all up and drove around the block for an hour.

Rakes at least paid attention: though after we saw the Chick-Filet cow wearing antlers and passing out "gifts" (which turned out to be a baggie of cookies stuffed in a plastic cup), every 5 seconds he would blurt out "Me wanna get my present from the Chicken Cow!" The facility sets on two man made lakes, with trees and lights scattered all across the water: it really was beautiful. Too bad Trot was engrossed in the adventures of Buzz, Rakes was obsessed with the cow on two legs, and Ciera was more into laughing at Frick and Frack than actually looking at the lights.

At least we tried, right?

I think the elderly residents who were directing traffic and no doubt praying no out of control SUV would come along had the best time. At every intersection we heard a "Merry Christmas" and "Thanks for coming" shout. If they only knew I had the 2007 version of John Dillinger and Al Capone in the back seat.

Next weekend it's the drive through Nativity Scene at the local Methodist Church.

Real people acting out Mary and Joseph, live animals, and Rakes and Trot.

I REALLY hope they have good insurance.


Tex said...

one of my fav memories at our christmas gatherings, we would take all the kids christmas light looking. I didnt go to the first night the Trail of Lights tonight but will be going later this week.

you sounded like you were surprised by Trots spilling popcorn. When he's about 16 and you pull out these stories when his prom date comes over...well id just like to be there for the giggles

Tree Newt said...

Dude, I'm proud of you for trying. You're...gasp...becoming...Suburban Dad!

And I'll tell you what, you missed your calling. You should have majored in writing, not broadcast journalism.

Ted D said...

Tex, we used to go when I was living in OK to this place called Ski Island to look at lights. Maybe Scotty can fill us in if it's still there.

Like I said the other day, USA Today made it out like that Trail of Lights was really good. And I wasn't surprised by Trot, it's just his jabbering about the popcorn stuck in my mind. I really wish you could see him now: but yeah, you can bet I'll be bringing all this up in about 15 years!

Mattie, I'll never be Suburban Dad! Just want the kids to have as much fun as they can. I didn't mention I was griping the whole time.

And thanks for the compliment. Like I've said numerous times: this blog is a whole lot cheaper than a shrink and prescription medication. I'm just glad a few people enjoy the thing.

And Tex: scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog.

I Iz Smartz. ;)

Tex said...

nice pic. but Princess Bride??? YOU???

yah Im trying to decide whether to add some lists of books. I did my creating tonight when I cooked gumbo. Ill go to trail of lights later this week and put pics up. :)


Ted D said...

The Princess Bride is an all time classic, and I will watch it whenever it's on.

"Are there rocks ahead?

If there are, we'll soon be dead!"

Ciera and Rakes LOVE that movie.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of the Trail of Lights.

scott h said...

I was expecting to see a picture of cousin Eddies motor home in front of that kilowatt sucking display.

Ted D said...

Nah, Bub. I did Cousin Eddie last week.

Didn't you hear? The S******s full.

I'm surprised you still have power: how bad is the Ice Storm?

scott h said...

We lost power for about a 1hr and a half, Its weird 28 degrees and pouring rain out.

Tex said...

Dink of the Week??!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT

Ted D said...

Bub, hopefully that is all you'll have.

BTW, I thought the Ravens were supposed to have a good defense? This is ridiculous.

Tex, glad you approve: my leading candidate for next week is Boras, again. I think I could leave it like that all year and it'd be OK.

HorshamScouse said...

Checking out the lights around Woodbridge has become a tradition when I'm at my sister's place. Kiana, my niece, used to know Toy Story by heart but without the benefit of in-car VCR, she will look at the lights.

External lights were beginning to catch on in the UK and are, apparently, appearing here although I haven't seen any yet.

Ted D said...

Horsham, is Kiana the little girl you are carrying in the picuture on your blog?

People go a little crazy with the lights here: some put orange and black lights up at Halloween.

Redbeard76 said...

When I was a kid and Christmas lights were much less elaborate and further and fewer between, my dad, sister and I went looking for lights. When we spotted some, we would do a high-pitched yell - "Pretty!!"

Now that's it so much more common to have a cross between the Griswold Christmas display, Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls, it would get quite tiring yelling pretty every 2 seconds, although it's not got to that point up here yet.

Anonymous said...

There's only one Light that shines the brightest at Christmas. All else pale in comparison.

I'm sure the you all have a fun time. Precious memories indeed!

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's all about the memories, man. This will probably be the Christmas they all reminisce about for years. ;-)

Stacy said...

I'm still smiling over the "chicken cow"! :)

Ted, Matt's right; you've got to put all your blog posts about the kids into a book. Just don't take it to a publisher've got boatloads of material waiting in the wings; Trot isn't even 2 yet!

Stacy said...

Oh, and I like the new banner photo. Leave that one for at least a day or 2! :)

Ted D said...

Stephen, Mom and Dad used to pile us in the car and drive through the Ski Island place I think I referenced somewhere. We thought it was the coolest thing.

Edge, we were just talking to Rakes about that last night: he made a manger scene at church yesterday.

Dawn, this one should be fun: I've got 2 that know whats going on now, so that makes it better. It's tireing doing everything, but it's a lot of fun for them.

Stacy, I'm flattered but I'm not sure anyone would actually PAY to read this drivel.

And I'll keep the banner up a few days, just since you asked. The things I do for family.

Stacy said...

You're a saint. Really.

Ted D said...

Tell me something I don't know. ;)

Tree Newt said...

Who said they'd pay? Not me! I'm your brother! I get an autographed 1st printing for free.

That way I can sell it later on E-bay.

Ted D said...

You are one cheap Tree hugger: have I ever told you that?

KAYLEE said...

//Next weekend it's the drive through Nativity Scene at the local Methodist Church.//

I volunteered myself to 'work one
of those at my Church's Christmas/bethlehem days party next weekend.what did I get myself.into? I hope just watching a bunch of kids petting an animal!
Then again that seems better than helping 40 little kids decorate christmas cookies all at once!
just one of the many things I do for my church.