Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Trot would be proud.

This is Rakes' T-Ball cap, covered in dirt.

After a grand total of TWO games.

And yes, I'm proud. I wish I could convey how awesome it is to watch your son play the game you love and play it with an enthusiasm usually only seen when he's blowing up robots playing his PS2. We've gotta have a talk about fighting your teammates over the ball, though. It's gonna get worse before it gets better I'm afraid...
Congratulations to Manny for hitting career home run #499 last night. Although I was hoping he'd do it when I was in Boston, it was still pretty sweet to see.

Hopefully he'll do it in Baltimore this weekend so my friends Horsham, Kelly, Cyn, and Beth get to see #500.

Finally, Rakes and I read this tonight for story time:

I love being a Dad.


Tex said...

is this your sneakie way of teaching Rakes lessons through Dr. Suess? ;)

Ted D said...

I have no idea what you mean.

::You do not like green eggs and ham, Rakes.::

Tex said...

wait till he finds out about putting food coloring on food :)

Tree Newt said...

Dude, my daughter picked up on some of your boys' mannerisms while in town last weekend. There are moments when she's jibber-jabbering and dancing around that Amanda and I go "that's Rakes!" She was even laughing like him the other day.

Ted D said...

"Ha Ha"!

Sort of like that? ;)

Tex, he was so cute tonight. He did well at church, so he got to pick a prize out. He picked a bear for Ciera, because she told him he could play her GameBoy for the rest of the week!

Tex said...

seeeeeeeeee. Rakes is a sweet kid. just mischievious. and he's already learning how to work his sis :)

Ted D said...

He is a sweet kid, Tex.

Sort of like Eddie Haskell, but he IS sweet.