Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

With a decision I'm sure they are currently regretting over shots of Jack Daniels, we were invited to spend the day out on the water and in the home of a great friend of the Red Sox Dad, Edge of Design, who posts here.

If you've never spent several hours on a boat with Rakes, well my friend, you just haven't lived. When we were able to get into the intertube and ride the waves, he was fine. When it was being used by Ciera and Edge's little girl? All bets were off.

One minute he's grabbing the rope he's holding in the picture, humming the Indiana Jones theme and kicking Mr. Leon in the back of the head as he swings across the boat. Or he's leaning over the edge of the boat trying to touch the water. Or standing up in the back seat and laughing maniacally at passing boats and the random bird we came across.

BTW, you've never known panic until you are out in the middle of a lake, 20 minutes from the nearest restroom, and you hear Rakes say the following: "Dad. I've dotta poop. BEALLY BAD."

The Red Sox start a 3 game set with Seattle in about 25 minutes after dropping 3 games to the A's. My only message to the boys?

See the ball. Catch the ball. Throw the ball. And above all else?

HIT the ball.


Nichole M said...

I hope the boys heard you...

As for Rake's little... um... problem? I think I can get a rectal tube if you'd like me to mail it to you. Contained fecal collection system.

Ted D said...

Thanks anyway, Nichole!

We made it in time!

I hope they heard me too...

Tex said...

about that last request. Hit the ball HARD and out of the pahk alot.

see the PawSox game if ya are not sure

Ted D said...

I think they heard you, Tex.

Edge of Design said...

Oh but look at that adorable little smile on young Rakes and you'll see a picture tells a 1000 words for certain. He had a blast! Too funny about the panic though. Well it's funny now anyway.

Ted D said...

Glad you can laugh about it, Edge!

And what in the world are you doing up at 3 am?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Well Ted... at least he warned you right? ;-)

As for the Sox? Who knew Bartolo Colon would rescue us from a 7-game away losing streak? I'm not afraid to say, NOT ME.

Ted D said...

Dawn, yep. At least he warned me!

I thought from the beginning the Colon signing was brilliant; if he panned out, great. If not, no harm/no foul. So far it looks like a steal.