Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

As I look out my window and wonder whether the next plague will be locusts or frogs, I'm half-way counting my blessings.

After dealing with Trot and his MRSA and Rakes and the killer allergies, I halfway thought we were out of the woods; I should have remembered these things come in threes.

Since the economy went in the toilet, I've been working part time on Saturdays to try and make a little extra money, with the only problem being Rakes and Ciera have practice/games in their respective sports leagues. I've snuck away for some, missed others, and have always caught the last hour and a half of Ciera's softball practice.

Tonight, we had customers in and I couldn't leave until 6, so I arrived at her practice with just a few minutes to spare. She'd been working with one of the coaches on catching pop fly's and couldn't wait to show me how she'd improved.

2 minutes later she completely missed a ball, it bounced off her face with a sick thud, and I vaulted the dugout fence like I was Carl Lewis going for the gold medal. Blood streaming everywhere, I'm pretty sure I dropped a few choice curse words but I can't be sure.

Bottom line? Her permanent front tooth on top looks like a saber tooth tiger and she lost a bottom tooth as well. Since the coach had no towels handy, my dress shirt came off, followed by the Old Navy T-Shirt I was wearing underneath so she could stop the bleeding. And I could care less that I exposed the world to my white, under developed upper body while I tried to help her.

Besides, it was only for a few minutes and that's what shrinks are for anyways, right? As I tucked her into bed tonight, I passed on all the well wishes from my friends at SG and told her for the millionth time the dentist would be able to fix it as good as new.

Still, the sound that ball made is ringing in my ears, and I wish with every part of my being it could be MY teeth messed up instead of hers.

How come all those parenting books you read never prepare you for times like these?


Tex said...

see now all the boys will think Ciera is tough and cool. I just want to know what Rakes thought about it all

I have this visual of pasty white skin and bones :)

Ted D said...

Rakes just wanted to see the damage and upon viewing, declared HE wanted his tooth to look like that.

::shakes head::

I also taped all three Indiana Jones movies off USA today, and he has reached Nirvana; hopefully he won't figure out how to use a bullrope in the next few years.

Nichole M said...

Oh, poor Ciara. When I was in 4th grade, one of my permanent front teeth popped out after a fall; root and all. Long story short, I have no tooth there now and a permanent bridge to fill in the gap. It's been there for over 10 years now. My mom freaked out when it happened though. But she'll be ok. :-)

Edge of Design said...

Youch! That must have stung! Oh and just to clarify, I was referring to Ciera and not the exposure. :) I don't mean to embarass you and yet I just have to say, you definitely have a talent for writing. Have you considered submitting some of your writing to local and/national newspapers.

Ted D said...

Nichole, thankfully it cracked in half; the root and all that is still in. She's just embarrassed and wants to get it fixed right away. By bedtime she was laughing about it.

Edge, thanks for the compliments. I just appreciate people actually reading this little corner of the world.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, tell C I'm so sorry. It sounds like she may have got her fielding skilz from her uncle. You remember the bald spot on my left eyebrow came from a muffed fly ball, right?

And the reason they never tell us how bad it will hurt us when they suffer is because we would NEVER have them if we knew. It's a pain that can only be understood with experience.

Ted D said...

True that, Newt.

Hopefully she'll be fixed up tomorrow.

I forgot about you taking one off the dome back in the day.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ouch. She is way braver than I would have been! Heck *you* were way braver than I would have been. I probably would have had to leave my shirt on though, no matter how much I loved my kid. LOL!