Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's good to be home. Sort of.

4 plane rides, 5 days of awesomeness, and a 3 game sweep.

Great times with my little brother Candaon, a SG Palooza for the record books, and goosebumps every time I realized "Holy Crap: I'm in Fenway freaking Park".

Plus a no hitter being pitched by Jon Lester as I'm winging my way home last night, even though I had no idea until I got home.

I'm tired, wore out, and deliriously happy about the entire weekend.

More later tonight with pictures hopefully, and it was awesome to hug my wife and kids after being away.

But Boston is now in my heart for good. I can't wait to get back some day.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Welcome back, Ted!!

And OMG that no-hitter last night. I was *dying* while I watched it. Of all the things I thought might happen in that game, I *never* saw that coming!

JMP said...

Glad you had a great time!!
Boston is a great town.
How about that Lester!!!
Like Dawn I never imagined that happening!! But I damn glad it did :)
Bring any neat Red Sox goodies home for the family????

Beth said...

Can't wait to see your pics and "hear" more of your tales! Come on, now, the flight wasn't THAT bad, right??

Ted D said...

Thanks Dawn! I had an awesome time; gonna try to write a little about it tonight if I can find the time. And you can imagine how surprised I was when I got home and turned on the computer!! Watched all 27 outs this morning. What a game.

JMP, it was great. Brought Rakes and Trot a Wally doll, Ang a Green Monster shirt, Ciera a shirt that say's "Peace. Love. Sox" and me a Manny "Legend" shirt. Plus a ton of stories!

Beth, Thanks! And the flight wasn't THAT bad; I can honestly say I'll do it again. ;)

Edge of Design said...

Glad you had a good time at Fenway. So, tell me, did you meet any of the players. Inquiring minds want to know.

Ted D said...

No players, Edge. I did have Jim Rice walk 2 feet away from me but I didn't even realize it!

Tex said...


Ted D said...

Woot, Tex.

Glad you made it home safe; sorry about the glasses and jacket.

Krystle said...

Okay, I saw the Peace, Love, and Red Sox shirt and I WANTED it but I didn't have the money to get it. It's so true that you have to get it. I hope the tots loved their gifts. =].

That Lester No-Hitter? Unforgettable.

Ted D said...

Krystle, Ciera LOVED it. I couldn't have brought something home that she would have liked better.

And yes, the boys enjoyed the Wally dolls for sure.

jojo said...

Ted, it was really great to meet you. I'm glad to hear you say you would get on a plane and do it again. GoSox!

Ted D said...


Same here. Miles said you were a hoot, and he was right!

And yep: I'll get on a plane again. I won't like it, but it's about time I got over it.

beckperson said...

Tedders! So nice to palooze with you, and tour Fenway in the sunshine. Seeing it in the rain most definitely doesn't count.

::sticks tongue out at Tex::

Tex said...

uhm...why am I getting stuck out by a tongue?

I have peace love and beer shirt :)

HorshamScouse said...

Glad you had a great time Ted. I'm after the Legend T, where did you find it? And can I supersize it?

Ted D said...

Becks, it was my pleasure. You and Bob are the tops.

Tex, you got me. But that shirt is YOU. ;)

Horsham, it was a blast. I got the shirt at Faces in Easthampton. Or was it NorthHampton? Anyway, google Faces and see what happens.

And yes, you can supersize it. ;)

beckperson said...

Northampton, it is. It used to be called "Faces of Earth" and was the best head shop in town when I was living there attending college.

(Not that I know what a head shop is...)

Ted D said...

Riiiight. ;)

Tex said...

isnt a head shop where you get edumacated?

Nancy said...

I miss Tay-ed.

Tree Newt said...

Glad you had a ball, bro. I can't imagine what it must have been like. Also glad I didn't have to Western Union any bail money. Then again, as I told Amanda, had it been a Sox-Yankees series instead of interleague...who knows?

Looking forward to seeing the pics.

And Tex, I kept the secret. Aren't you proud?!!

Tex said...

yes I am Mattie. Thanks. It was AWESOME!!! :)

does Tay-ed know you were in on it too? He was like a kid in a candy store the whole weekend and it was funny to watch everyone fighting over him

Ted D said...

Matt was in on it?

I call FOUL!

Dude, you are supposed to look out for me!

HorshamScouse said...

Can't get to Northampton this trip (I'll be in Boston around 22 hours!) and Faces of Earth don't seem to have a website. Never mind.:(