Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Gotta Be The Beard.

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That beard is magical. There is no other explanation. Even though it looks like a muskrat decided to crawl on his chin and die, Youk's mystical beard continues to amaze and confound.

Tonight, Youk hit his 7th HR and he's now on pace to hit 56 HR's and 200 RBI's. No, I don't think he'll get there, but it is nice to see him raking the ball this early in the season.

I also love the fact he goes absolutely bonkers when he strikes out or doesn't get a hit; I love the attitude that he can't stand not to get on base, even though he act's about as level headed as Rakes at times. You might not like it, but you have to appreciate the fact the man CARES, even if he looks like a sociopath when he goes off.

Ciera had her second softball game tonight, and once again I was the aggressive 3rd base coach sending runners with reckless abandon. Tonight was a much better night; 9 runs, nobody thrown out, and the cursing under my breath was at a minimum.

As locked up as I get during one of her games, it's a miracle Demarlo Hale hasn't tackled a runner as he flew by third base. Stressful doesn't begin to cover it. I have no idea how he hasn't gone Woody Hayes on Manny as he ignores the stop sign for the 50th time and runs toward home.

I have a new found respect for "Send 'em in Kim".


Nichole M said...

I completely believe the beard and other hair has powers. Just look what happened to the traitor when he got rid of his locks... Well. I can't really say that I know actually. Is he loved by Yankees fans? Adored as he was in Boston? I don't know; he's dead to me.

Ted D said...

He's dead to me too, Nichole. I just go back to the story of Sampson; the hair means something.

And the beard is magical.

HorshamScouse said...

Haven't had a beard for more than 10 years and my scraggy red thing only had the power to amuse.:(

I can just hear the kids crying 'Mommy, why is Ciera's Dad shouting at me? I'm running as fast as I can.'

Ted D said...

"Run, you little booger eater. RUN!"

What's wrong with that? ;)

Horsham, I can't picture you with a beard; sort of ruins the older English gentleman thing.

Tex said...

i never listened to my 3rd base coach either.

Ted D said...

That doesn't surprise me one bit, Tex. ;)

Redbeard76 said...


I've had mine ever since Sierra was born and it's brought me relatively good luck since. Plus my wife loves it and would be aghast if I were to shave it. Which I did once last year during the June swoon but I grew it right back. I get some sort of chi when rubbing it, so yeah I think there's some power behind it.

Ted D said...

Stephen, I've had some sort of facial hair since I was 19, including a regrettable 2 months when I was 22 where I had a God awful porn stache. Since '04 it's been a goatee, and considering the Sox have won the World Series twice since then?

I believe in the power of the magic facial hair as well.

Tree Newt said...

Ok, I forgot about your 'stache!!! That thing was CLASSIC!!! I hope there are pics if that floating somewhere...

Second, as to the power of the gotee, all I know is I've been forbidden by my wife to shave it. Once, I cut it real close and left a soul patch. You'd have thought I pulled a Rakes and went #2 on the garage floor. I'm stuck with mine, like it or not.

Lastly, its good to know "The Windmill" lives on!!!

Ted D said...

Mattie, how could you forget that hideous thing? I should have had my own theme music.

Long live the power of the Goat!