Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ramblings from my sick bed

Somehow I picked up the flu between Thursday night and Friday morning, and by the time I'd dropped Ciera off at school I could feel it coming on.

By lunchtime, I was curled up in the bed, shaking like an addict quitting cold turkey while running back and forth to the bathroom every five minutes.

If you've never been sick and trying to rest while what sounds like a thundering herd of wildebeasts is right outside the door, count yourself lucky.

As I drifted in and out of sleep, the Sox/Rays game started after a 2 1/2 hour rain delay, and in between visits to the porcelain train I got to see the offense come to life.

Three things my fever addled brain could compute while watching the game with one eye open:

1. Edwin Jackson is NOT the second coming of Bob Gibson, no matter how much the media wanted us to believe after last weekends series vs. the Sox.

2. Between Pedie, Ellsbury, Buchholz, Moss, etc..., the Red Sox future looks to be bright.

3. Even with the flu, a day with baseball is better than one without it.

Sox win 7-3, I can actually sit down and type for a few minutes, and I've got Remy and DO coming on my tv screen in about 6 hours.

It could be worse.


Tex said...

PVs and feel better. SOON

Stacy said...

Hope you feel better and the boys ARE better very soon. Glad the Sox won...that was one ray of sunshine in your day.

BTW, loved Thursday's post. :) Did you get Darren to take care of things with Dad's junk mail?

HorshamScouse said...

Hope you get over this thing quickly. Boiled water for 12-24 hours usually works for me.

OTOH the first email I opened today was for something called Colonmate. Might be worth a shot:)

Ted D said...

Tex, I will. Spent most of the day in bed again; I'm getting bored, which must mean I'm feeling better.

Stacy, it's all taken care of; something in the water here at Casa de Ted.

Horsham, Colonmate, huh?


HorshamScouse said...

Google isn't always your friend, Ted!

Ted D said...

NOW you tell me, John!

Beth said...

I hope you're feeling better by now, Ted! You've got to get well for the big palooza!

Tex said...

Sack UP TED. get a shot, take a pill, drink some OJ, eat some chicken soup, Get WELL.

leave the germs in daltonville

Ted D said...

Beth, I'm getting there; I'm at least getting out of the bed and checking the computer.

Tex, OJ? Check. Soup? Check. Gatorade? Check. Still sick. :(

But at least it's better than it was.

Tex said...

uhmmm Shot? Doc visit? you need meds to kick it quick

Ted D said...

NO shots. Just took some Pepto, which I'm hoping will help.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, I told Amanda this morning that something was up, because I can't remember the last time you were home and didn't write a post.

I'm kind of amazed that you didn't blame me for this, somehow, since I had it Monday. Fun stuff. Yee-haw.

Hope you're feeling better now.

Ted D said...

Mattie, I thought about blaming you, but Ang's Dad had the same mess and he had Rakes while we were gone.

Looks like my first born son is the carrier.

Nothing a 12-4 Sox win won't help fix.

JMP said...

Hope the Sox winning tonight make you feel a whole lot better!

Krystle said...

Was at the game...very very fun. Problem is that I'm so tired that I can't sleep, if THAT makes any sense.

I hope your feeling better. I thought about you when I was riding on the T because there was so many people and just so many morons! Someone my age *shudders* actually believed that Derek jeter is, but I'll leave you think of WHY that happened.

Oh and on your trip to Boston, NEVER EVER ride the T after a game, wait. *shudders to bed*

Ted D said...

JMP, it always helps.

Krystle, very nice you were at that game. 12-4 blowouts are nice to watch in person I'm guessing!

Krystle said...

It was much so. Had great seats, convinced my cousin suffered a stroke when Manny threw that assist (her favorite [obsession whatever you want to call it] is Tek so), got great pictures and year - everything you will expierence when you go up!

Ted D said...

Did you notice Manny's attempted "deke" of Hinske when he hit the double?

I thought Remy would have a cow.

Krystle said...

Yes, I did. Only Manny...only Manny

Ted D said...


~**Dawn**~ said...

Some people will try anything to get out of flying. ;-) Only problem is you were two weeks too early.

Ok, seriously. Hope you're feeling better, Ted.

Ted D said...

Better, Dawn. And maybe you're right: my subconcious may be trying to tell me something. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yes, it's telling you that you can't use the flu as an excuse now so just get on the plane. ;-)

Ted D said...

Yes ma'am.