Thursday, December 10, 2009

All My Heros Keep Slipping Away

I call myself a fan, they tell me it's a business.

I call it a business, they tell me to be a fan and support the team.

In yet one more "Don't get too attached to these guys" moments the guy who has manned third base for the past 4 years and who was World Series MVP back in '07 is gone.

I don't know of a man who didn't admire his skills and his toughness and a woman who didn't think he was gorgeous, my own wife, Mom, and sister included. Shoot, even I think the guy is the epitome of a man's man.

But a pressing need for a young catcher and the fact his hip resembles one of Micky Rooney's combined with what I'm REALLY hoping is some blockbuster deal Theo is saving for Christmas Eve as a nice present to all of us made Mikey Lowell disposable. Mind you, as much as I love the guy, watching him limp his way down to first base or display the range of your average wildebeest at third last year was painful to watch. That said, it's gonna be a little bit weird not to see him digging balls out at third while displaying the most awesome facial hair since "Sonny Crockett" patrolled the streets of Miami.

God Speed, Senor Doubles.

Fenway Park won't be the same without you.


Stacy said...

Great. Just great. The best (looking) 3rd baseman in the game is headed who knows where.

I get attached. Can't help it.

Ted D said...

Me too, sis.

Rich in the garage said...

We're sending him to Tex.

Though that may be a bad thing for a guy with a bum hip.

Ted D said...