Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure They Are Trying To Make Me Have A Nervous Breakdown.

*Image courtesy of my good friend Kelly and her site*

Just when I've mentally resigned myself to the fact that Mikey Two Bags and his award winning facial hair are gone from Fenway forever, I go and read THIS story on ESPN and all of a sudden my head is spinning around like I've got the Bubonic plague.

What's even more amazing is it's his thumb they're worried about. Forget the arthritic hip of a 98 year old with a calcium deficiency, they're worried about his thumb? Granted, it was an issue but I'd be more concerned about him hitting a ball off the LF wall and getting thrown out at first than his ability to imitate Arthur Fonzerelli.

Throw in the Red Sox eating most of the $12 million owed on his contract and this makes as much sense as me entering "People Magazinest Sexiest Man" contest next year.

Somebody wake me up when Truck Day gets here.

And pass the Prozac.


Tex said...

I'm sorta glad my life is so hectic and busy right now that I really haven't had time to read and concentrate on the Hot Stove this winter. My mind stays cluttered and encumbered with work and personal stuff so much that I won't even know who's on the team till Opening Day

Ted D said...

Sorry it's been so busy, Tex. Hopefully the new year will bring you some quiet moments.

And I'll keep you posted on the roster. ;)

fla beck said...

I'd vote for ya!;)

Ted D said...

You were drinking when you wrote that, weren't you Becky?