Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Josh Beckett. And You're Not.

With the Yankees trading for Curtis Granderson and the ongoing drama of the Jason Bay saga combined with Christmas coming just around the corner and the angst of Red Sox Nation over the possibility that Mike Lowell is bound for Texas or God knows where, I figured we all needed a gentle reminder.

A reminder that we've got a beer swilling, nail chewing, expletive spewing, 98 mph fastball throwing honest to God Texan as the ace of our staff.

And if you think he's not good and tanked off at how the season ended last year, then by God you don't know Josh Beckett.

If I know the Commander (and I don't, but bear with me) he's been lifting like a maniac and shooting men in Reno just to watch them die since the last game with the Angels in the post-season.

'Cause that's just how he rolls.

God help the poor first batter who has to step into the box in Spring Training.


Tex said...

Becks and me been discussing his next move before ST. We decided he needed to hit the deer stands but have yoyo's run around wearing various baseball team hats so he can practice shooting at them...with paintball guns of course. WHA?

I think its good strategy. Next he's gonna work on his what he wants VMart to mumble to the batters...something to the effect of banging their sister or wife...

I'm certain Beckett is throwing a few back but he'll be good to go on P & C day

fla beck said...

See Ted,I liked Granderson. He's smart and has good character. Now all that will be squashed out him by the soul crushing MFY ATM. I also don't relish Mikey Lowell not manning the hot corner. How many more of my baseball dreams will be crushed this offseason? P.S. I know he's not up until next year but this could all be made up to me if we sign Joe Mauer! ;)

Ted D said...

Tex, all that sounds within reason. With Beckett, who knows?

Becky, Jr and I have had this discussion; as much as I'd like to have Mauer, the Twins are brain dead if they don't re-sign him. And I want Mikey back too, but it's iffy at this point if it'll happen.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Nothing takes the sting out of my Mikey being gone. =( No more favorite players for me. I am the Kiss of Death. Too bad I didn't know that before. I could've used it on Lugo.

Ted D said...

I'm sorry he's gone too, Dawn. But it was tough watching him run last year.

Nichole M said...

I hope his foreman stocked his hunting grounds very well this winter (and that he plans on throwing a lot of parties to eat all that wonderful meat). He's got to be SO pissed. I really want to know what he said to Papelbon when he blew it.

Ted D said...

Nichole, it's a contract year to boot. Motivated AND angry is always good.