Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anyone who looks at his daughter like that? He's OK in my book.

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Apparently, the hoser from the Great White North has signed with the Mets, and this development is causing chaos across Red Sox Nation.

Me? They traded Nomar, let Pedro and Damon leave via free agency, let Trot go along with Foulke, and sent Manny packing days after hitting his 500th career home run. In fact, the only thing I can see that was sentiment based was signing Tek to a $40 million dollar deal after '04, which in retrospect I'm pretty sure they regret.

The days of getting upset, at least for me, when a fan favorite departs left the barn a LONG time ago. Don't get me wrong; I'd have loved to have had Jason Bay patrolling LF for the next 5 years, but if Theo says otherwise, I ain't gonna argue.

What kills me is this; I make in one year what the average major league player makes in a game. If someone came up to me, told me I could provide for the next 3 generations of my family if I signed their contract, I'm pretty sure I'd set the land speed record for signing so high it could never be reached.

I've never begrudged anyone the opportunity to make as much money as they possibly can (unless you say you'll never play for New York, then turn around and do just that. That makes you an uber dink in my book but I'll still appreciate everything you did). I know how much I love my family and if I can make their life that much better, then by God I'll go to Queens, wear that stupid uniform, and hit as many bombs as I can.

And contrary to what most people would have you believe, I honestly think they would too. It's easy to judge a situation when you have absolutely NO CHANCE of ever getting that opportunity but if push came to shove? I can't think of a lot of folks who would turn down $6 million dollars, or whatever the exact figure works out to be.

Thanks for 1 1/2 years of service, Mr. Bay. You'll get a standing O in my living room when/if you come back to Fenway, and I hope you win the NL MVP 4 years running.

I won't notice, however. I'll be cheering for Mike Cameron, Aaron Bates, and whoever the Red Sox brass decide to run out in your place. And that bulldog of a pitcher named John Lackey we got with some of your $60 million?

He's pretty good.

You gotta love the off season.


Chrissy said...

I love how intently he seems to be listening to her!

Ted D said...

Like I said, anyone who looks at his daughter like that can't be half bad.

Redbeard76 said...

It's all right, we'll be ok. The Mets will still SUCK!

Happy New Year bro!

Ted D said...

Right on, Redbeard. And Happy New Year to you and your family as well buddy.