Thursday, December 17, 2009

Papi and The Pips

With all the Hot Stove drama of Lackey and Cameron signing, wondering if Jacoby and Clay are being shipped off to the Left Coast for A Gone, and the Yankees/Johnny Damon soap opera, I figured I needed a break from all the angst.

Leave it to Papi, some shades that I imagine cost more than my yearly salary, and Wake and Crabby in suits to lighten the mood. Throw in the Mayor looking slightly psychotic and Scenic rocking his Smithsonian worthy facial hair and unless you've got A. A heart of stone, B. You're a MFY fan and therefore have NO heart, or C. You've just arrived from the planet Nebulon looking for brains to harvest, this picture should at the very least bring a smile to your face and at best make you feel like it's Christmas morning, you're back to being 7 years old, and Santa brought you an Atari game console complete with the NFL game.

Or maybe that's just me.

However, it doesn't take an expert to notice Papi looking like a model for GQ and per my completely fact less, uneducated guess, about 20 pounds less than his most recent playing rate.

A healthy, motivated, ticked off Large Father?

Bad for everyone else and great for the Sox.


Nichole M said...

A svelt, pissed-off Papi would be the best Christmas present of all.

Ted D said...

Exactly, Nichole. He's gonna be motivated next year for sure.