Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Rakes got his progress report for the second nine weeks of Kindergarten today and for the most part he's doing pretty well. M's (Student has mastered concept. Back when I was in Kindergarten I'm pretty sure we got S's but I'm old so what do I know?) for things like Rhyme recognition, Syllable blending, Identifying numbers, and counting to 20. He's a pretty smart kid so I'm not shocked; proud, but not surprised.

However, when we get to the "Social Skills" area, he received the following.

(S= Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement, and U= Unsatisfactory)

Completes Task given: N

Listens: N

Follows Directions: N

Like I need a progress report to tell me this? He's 6, a boy, and has never met a messy room, drawer, or bathroom he didn't love. Look, I understand the teacher needs an orderly classroom or otherwise she's got the Kindergarten version of Attica on her hands. But come on; name me one boy who isn't a future ballet dancer or the next Bill Gates who doesn't cut corners, hear what he wants to hear, and would rather walk backwards into a Hurricane than do what someone tells him to do?

Two days ago he comes home from school, takes off his clothes, and proudly shows his Grandmother the pajamas he slept in the night before that he wore UNDER his school clothes because he was too lazy to actually take them off that morning. Yeah, it was dumb but you gotta admire his initiative.

I'll be the first to admit this is all new to me; all I've had to go on up to now is a organized neat freak little girl who couldn't bear not making straight A's and did everything she could to stay out of trouble; personally? When it comes to Rakes I'm grateful for every day that doesn't end in a visit to the principle, suspension, or expulsion.

Besides, there is some small part of me that wants to shout "If you think HE'S bad, wait until you get a load of THIS one!"

(Notice the Middle finger. May God Have Mercy on Their Souls.)


HorshamScouse said...

//he wore UNDER his school clothes because he was too lazy to actually take them off that morning//
Actually laughed out loud and frightened next door's cat.


Tree Newt said...

Hey, ease up on Trotty. Everybody thought I'd be the bad one, but I was a breath of fresh air after "Little Teddy."

On second thought, maybe you can't relate everything about those two and us when we were kids.

Ted D said...

John, he's definitely one of a kind. And Mattie, breath of fresh air? PLEEEEEASE.

Rich in the garage said...

Does your son have like a check list on how to grow up like me?

Tex said...

wore his pj's under his clothes to school. i mean...he really did this?? and ya didn't notice?

Jr high oughta be interesting

Ted D said...

Apparently so, Rich. And Tex, I usually don't fully awake until about 10 so him getting away with it doesn't surprise me.

fla beck said...

Just a warning-the "completes tasks" thing may haunt you all the way to middle school! The Boy had similar social skills grades in Kindergarten. It DOES get better,but not for a LONG,LONG time! Thanks for bringing back those memories! BTW,the PJ thing was hilarious!

Ted D said...

Glad I could help, Becky. And trust me, we're digging ourselves in for the long haul.

Dewey said...

My son once changed from his Monday clothes to his Tuesday clothes and slept in them, so he could sleep later on Tuesday. Gleefully pulled down his blankets on Tuesday and announced "Look, Mom. Pre-Dressed"

Ted D said...

Dewey, that is CLASSIC. If only they'd use their minds for good....