Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Give me the regular season or give me death!

One week and 4 days away from Opening Day and The Munchkin sprains his wrist.

Not only do I have a Mom with a newly installed pacemaker to worry about and 2 raving lunatics running around my house brandishing light sabers and shouting "Death to the Rebellion!" at the top of their lungs, now I've gotta deal with the possibility the starting second baseman of the Red Sox opens the year on the DL.

Although the possibility Beckett and Lackey will give Tito a hotfoot on Opening Day is taking some of the sting away.

This last week before the first game is like Christmas Eve when we were kids.

Only this version goes to 11.


Redbeard76 said...

Hopefully it's just minor, like soreness like Tito said on the latest Extra Bases - we'll find out after the X-Ray tomorrow.

On my Wii MLB season - Marco Scutaro broke his wrist in the first Orioles series, out for 98 days, platooning Lowrie (doing quite well) and just brought up Hulett. (I just realized there's no online option for the Wii version - dammit! gotta get a playstation for next year's version- the wii graphics are a bit lackluster)

Ted D said...

Redbeard, you aren't helping. ;)

JK buddy. It really is crazy how much of what we look at is dependent on health, right?

HorshamScouse said...

You do know Wii baseball's not real, right?:)

Opening day for me is next Monday week and I've just arranged to be on a 250 mile drive during the game. Dumbass.

Ted D said...

What'd you go and do that for, Scouser?

Redbeard76 said...

I know, Scouser, most of my players are batting over .300, some over .400.

Another reason to celebrate Easter - opening night. I could say something to the effect of the Yankees getting crucified...

HorshamScouse said...

Let's hope it's more a case of Papi's career being resurrected.

And Ted: in the name of love.

Ted D said...

I'm down with either one, Redbeard and Scouser.

And John? Love? I gotta keep up; way to go my man!