Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can promise you Bart Giamatti never thought of this as a reason why baseball is the best game going.

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As I was putting Rakes to bed tonight I could hear Ang screaming "TROT! When did you put this here?"

Now this could have meant about a million possibilities but the first 3 things that crossed my mind were the following.

A: He'd stuffed a hot dog into his pillow case.

B: The entire bag of chocolate chips was wedged between his light saber and "Goodnight Moon" in his closet. (There is a precedence set for this one.)

C: A turtle had made the terrible mistake to decide to cross our backyard and Trot had decided to put him in the toilet to make him feel more at home.

Turns out I was wrong on all three guesses.

He'd decided to use his diaper we put him in at night as a temporary drop off for some toxic material, decided not to tell us about it and put it in the bottom of the clothes hamper in the totally misguided logic of your everyday 3 year old that maybe we would just not notice it.

I tell you all this in order to explain the picture I used in tonight's post.

6 unmarred baseballs just waiting for someone to scuff them up or send them into the stands for some kid to take to show and tell or for some bat to send them 480 feet into the grandstands for a home run.

Come Easter Sunday night, baseball will be here. And while I'll still be dealing with pee and poop and diapers in the bottom of the clothes hamper I'll have Tito and Big Papi and V-Mart and The Munchkin to help me cope.

You gotta trust me on this.

It'll make all the difference in the world.

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