Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hiking the Off Season Away. One Sunday at a Time.

Due to the fact today in Siberia, formally known as North Carolina, the temperatures reached a balmy 60 degrees I took the kids hiking around the local lake after church today. We hiked, we played on the playground, and hiked some more.

At various points during the day we had several "Moments". One was when we came upon some deranged individual who somehow decided that running around a 3 mile pine straw strewn track up and down hills around a lake. Trot was manning point at that time and the following conversation took place......

Trot: "Hey boy! What your name?"

Crazy Person: "DJ. What's yours?"

Trot: "TROT! Why you running around here? Dis is a BIKING trail". (I should point out that the letter H is still a problem area.) Trot then turned back to what he was previously doing, which was yelling like a moron and stabbing invisible enemies in their stomach with his stick.

After hiking we went to Sonic for a slushie, home to watch "National Treasure", then "The Amazing Race" at 8. Trot didn't quite make it.

And Rakes wasn't very far behind, although he did last until 8:45 before finally giving in and crashing next to me on the couch.

All in all? One of the better Sundays not involving the Red Sox I can remember in quite a while.

Speaking of the Sox, we are now roughly 4 weeks, 17 hours, 39 minutes and 3 seconds from Opening Day. Yes, I just made that up and No, I have no idea if it's anywhere close to being true.

But it's coming soon. And another year has passed without any professional help in getting through the off season.

If it snows like this next year though?

All bets are off.


Stacy said...

Aren't you the brave one taking Huey, Dewey and Louie hiking? :)

I'm with you on the snow. Officially sick and tired of cold.

Ted D said...

We had a ball, sis.