Sunday, March 28, 2010

The things you see as a parent.

Tomorrow is Trot's official 4th birthday, though we've been sort of doing the Honored Dignitary route and making a weekend out of it.

Last night was cake and presents with the family, today was swimming at the indoor aquatic center in town, and tomorrow he's going out to eat with his Mom in the final part of the trifecta.

I guess since it's his birthday it's only appropriate he slid down the giant frogs tongue AFTER he climbed the ladder up the frogs butt that the entire central part of NC has been/is under Tornado watches and warnings until, based on the excessive coverage on the local CBS affiliate, sometime next year.

Was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse named Trot by any chance?

I find solace in the knowledge that 7 days from now I'll be watching the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway Park on ESPN and even though Joe Morgan comes with that knowledge?

It's OK.

Baseball is coming.


Bickley said...

Yes! Baseball is coming, and I'm back at the Blogspot!

Happy Birthday Trot!

Ted D said...

Thanks, Bickley. Think we can make it 6 more days?

Tex said...

just click your heels together and say

there's no place like Homeplate
there's no place like Homeplate
there's no place like Homeplate

Ted D said...


Rich in the Garage said...

IM NOT GUNNA MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!ONE11!!

Ted D said...

You'll make it, Jr. Just breathe.