Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That whole 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon works for Baseball too. Who knew?

I'm at work today around 5 p.m. with 2 hours left in a 9 hour workday that had tested the limits of my patience to the nth degree. Everyone who came into the store today either wanted to know where our clearance center was or if we sold used bedding.

Look, I realize times are tough, money is tight, and everyone is looking wherever they can to save a buck; but if you are willing to buy a used mattress that came from God knows where with people doing God knows what on it then you deserve whatever disease or plague or skin rash you've got coming your way. I'm fairly certain I'd roll buck naked over broken glass strategically placed in a mine field with used hypodermic needles before I'd BUY a used mattress but that's just me.

It was in the midst of this ****storm of a day that I looked up and saw the most beautiful woman in the world with three fantastic children walk through the front door of my store. I got hugs, kisses, "I love you Dad's" and megawatt smiles within the first 3 minutes.

Yeah, Trot loudly let the entire store know he "Didn't poop in my pants today!" and Rakes, fresh off a visit to the Dentist had to show me how to properly use dental floss and Ciera spent the entire time sort of pretending she didn't know any of us and was really there to look for a new Sofa but I don't care.

'Cause that little girl with the sweet smile and that gorgeous woman checking to see if that rough neck kid in her lap has a frog in his hands and that Dennis the Menace clone looking at God knows what he's got trapped in his palms while we're trying to take a family portrait in the picture at the top of this post?

Believe it or not, they can make a horrible day turn flipping awesome within a 10 minute span, make you forget about that moron who just left wondering why he had to have an actual job to get financing for $1,500 worth of furniture and make you realize that in 4 short days Josh Beckett will be pitching at Fenway Park.

See how it all sort of comes full circle?


HorshamScouse said...

That's a seriously good picture, Ted.
Well worth all the cat herding it must have taken to get Ange to sit still :)

You are truly blessed my friend.

Merritt by Design said...

Love the fam shot!!

Ted D said...

John, you have no idea, buddy. ;) But I'll agree 100% about the blessed part.

Thanks Merritt! I actually used one of the more "real" ones than the one Ange liked the best.

Brenken said...

Ted, that is a great family picture! I can see how much Ciera looks like her Mom in this picture.
I told my two kids (adults) that we were going to have a photographer do a family portrait and my son said he was opting out. See, it doesn't get any easier, just different.

Ted D said...

Brenken, your his Mom. Just tell him you brought him into this world and you can take him out.