Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunshine. On a Cloudy Day.

Big Papi hit a Dinger today.

Yeah, it's Spring Training. And yeah, it was against Boston College.

But for one day it doesn't matter that Trot thinks public urination is a competitive sport or that Rakes thinks if he practices really hard and can somehow convince Yoda to teach him that he too can become a Jedi Knight or the reality that someday very soon some little punk is going to come to MY front door and want to take MY baby girl out on a date to God knows where.

The Large Father went yard. And all of a sudden I've got visions of him winning comeback player of the year, AL MVP, and Dude Most Likely To Make Me Cry Out Of Sheer Joy in my feeble little brain.

To paraphrase Jr, and in some small part the great Bill Cosby?

I'll be riding on his back all year long, hitting him with the Silver Slugger and screaming "Faster, faster you fool, you fool".

Man, have I missed Baseball.


Tex said...

but public urination IS competition

Ted D said...

According to him it is, Tex.