Friday, July 2, 2010

And now? A word from Jr.

Since Josh is doing a multi-part series on the "3 Amigo's Wandering Down South Epic Megapalooza" over at his place I've decided to let him be the definitive word on our trip to the Land of Mickey we took last weekend. He's ten times funnier than I am and due to not having Rakes and Trot living in his house, his memory retention blows mine completely out of the water.

However, Jr sent me an email with his take on the first of what I hope is a lifetime of yearly road trips I take with these 2 guys I look at as brothers. Insane, delusional, and sometime profane brothers, but brothers nonetheless.

So here, unedited, is Jr's email to me earlier today.

Editors note: He sent this to me at 3:37 a.m. Take that as you will.


I once heard the highway described as a lonely place. After this week it is obvious to me that that person was a fool. I spent 5 days driving the east coast with two of my best friends and I can't say for a minute that I ever longed for home or felt alone on the road. They were wrong, they were dead wrong and I'm shockingly O.K. With keeping that secret.

No one really needs to know just how fulfilling it can be to drive, sleep deprived in the dead of night through traffic and everything short of frogs falling from the heavens, to a destination for something as silly as the game of baseball. In short Ted, Josh and Myself have nothing in common outside of this wonderful game.

I've had roughly a thousand gay jokes tossed my way. My convictions have been tested and my patience (my incredibly fragile patience) has been strained but I can't wipe this stupid smile from my face. I placed my life and livelihood in the hands of two people I count among my few friends and I came out alright.

I can't say I have ever been starved for words but I find myself incapable of really putting my fingers to the keys and explaining all of this. It hit me in Atlanta and I find it a fitting way to close what I have to say...

The game of baseball is sacred. It is to be enjoyed with good friends, good beers and good weather. This is why we drive three thousand miles, to be with those we hold as brothers. I found what it was I was looking for somewhere between a traffic jam in DC and the rafters of Turner field. If you ever have the opportunity to pack your bags and climb into a car with your friends for no other reason than to be together and catch a ball game, I highly recommend that you take that opportunity and that you savor every last second of it.

Thank you to the Graves family for putting us up. Thank you to the wives that allowed their husbands to be away from them for 5 days. Thank you Josh and Ted for forsaking reason and making this trip with me.

I look forward to our continued adventures and the rare opportunity to make a sequel that surpasses the original.

It was my pleasure, Jr.

Here's to next year, buddy.


Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

the revolutions (of tires) will not be televised

but sponsored and webcasted next time around? oh, that most certainly might happen

also, next time thinking of turning the whole process into a charity event, raise money for cancer research. how cool would that be? we get to have a blast, and at the same time, raise money.

and junior: nice. i wont even make a joke (gotta save the funny for my blog anyway)

Ted D said...

JB, I LOVE the idea of making it a charity event for cancer. Between your mom and my mom and Jr's aunt we've got it covered.

And the boy did good, right? I'm as proud of him as I would be of Rakes. At the age of 6, mind you. But still....

He did good.

fla beck said...

Well done,Jr.

Brenken said...

Many of my vacations revolve around meeting up with friends and/or relatives to watch ballgames. It's the best!

HorshamScouse said...

Well said, Jr. You're a lucky guy and so are the other two amigos.
Charity event? Sign me up. 10c a mile or 5c a bottle.

Tex said...

Awwwwwwwwww..Very well said Rich!
I totally agree. The trips to ST were always so much fun...not just meeting up to watch games but the stories that followed

And two vacations I took with girls on roadtrip to watch games were the best!