Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Forrest Gump reference. Just for Josh.

*Thanks to Kelly for the picture*

Here we go again.

Just like in 2007, when everyone else on the Sox roster not named Youk or Papi was falling like flies and JD Drew stepped up to the plate, 2010 is starting to look like a carbon copy.

Pedie, Beckett, V Mart, Tek, Ellsbury, Lowell, and the guy who makes the popcorn in the RF Pavillion seats is on the DL, we're all wondering how in the world they are going to ride the storm out, and the quiet RF with the quick smile and the sweet swing comes to the rescue.

He's on one of those tears he gets on where I'm doubtful Cy Young himself could have gotten him out and even with apparently half the regular line up on the shelf, the Sox just keep on rolling.

I realize it's not just him; Jon Lester continued down the path that if there is ANY justice should result in an AL Cy Young and Youk just keeps on mashing and Papi continues his rise from the ashes, but you won't convince me that if JD Drew wasn't on this team that they could be pulling this crap off.

With the All-Star game about a week away, Yay D gets my vote for First Half MVP.

And that's all I've got to say about that.

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