Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You've Been Missed.

It's July 21st, the Red Sox are currently 53-42 and 7 games behind the Yankees.
Pedie and Tek are on crutches, V Mart is out with a busted thumb, Ellsbury is in the witness protection program, and there are rumblings that Mr. Red Sox, Tim Wakefield may get DFA'd.

These are desperate times, people. The Yankees just keep on rolling, although Petttite going on the DL and Burnett morphing into Kevin Brown give us hope.

The Rays, those flipping Rays, just keep hanging in there with Maddon pulling all the right strings and pushing all the right buttons are like some MLB version of a gnat and just won't go away.

And our second string lineup keeps on hanging in there and staying close and coming THIS close to pulling off another miracle but I'm sort of afraid we've run out of whatever magic or mojo or karma or whatever you want to call it and we just dropped 2 outa 3 to the A's and the Angels are coming up next.

Thankfully, help is on the way. And no matter what other people think, in my humble opinion this is like signing Doc Halladay or Roy Oswalt or Bob Gibson at the trading deadline.

Look, we've got a great team when it's healthy. We've also got a great group of "good guys". What THIS team needs is a guy whose gonna curse his mother out if he gives up a walk, stomp around the mound if his curve ball misses, and kick a few guys in the posterior when they screw things up.

And it just so happens THAT guy is coming back Friday night.

Welcome back, Commander of the FYYO Brigade.


Tex said...

lest we not forget his Kick@## moves as well

Be there or you're dead meat

Ted D said...

Yes ma'am.