Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crash Davis knows his stuff.

Crash Davis: We're dealing with a lot of s***.

In times of great stress or even moderate tension, I turn to baseball. Somehow in the midst of Trot's latest urination escapade or Rakes latest attempt to construct a hydrogen bomb composed of DOVE soap and a leftover sparkler, the simple act of a man attempting to throw a ball past a man trying his best to land it on the moon sort of eases all the tension right away.

As I type this, I've got a daughter hitting her teenage years at 150 rpm, 2 boys who seemingly on a trajectory toward either the military or Johnny Knoxville's eventual replacements on "Jackass", a job in retail in an economy that can just BARELY be called "Meh", and the Red Sox limping toward the All-Star Break looking like Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" after he had ran all over Nakatomi Plaza with his bare feet.

So I found myself transfixed in front of the television (Well, as transfixed as I can get with Rakes having a friend sleep over, Trot in full-on Animal mode, Ciera asking me every 3 minutes about professional wrestling and Ang freaking out over whatever the Lifetime movie of the week was tonight, but you get my point) watching Doc Halladay and some kid making his 3rd career appearance in the show, Travis Wood of the Reds, who just so happened to take a no hitter into the 9th inning.

Looking a lot like the guy who changed my oil the other week, Wood had one of the most potent lineups in baseball looking like me trying to hit a whiffle ball thrown by Bob Gibson. And I was reminded once again that there is life outside my 4 walls and the AL East and that great baseball isn't always played on the biggest stage by the most famous players and I found myself rooting for a kid I had never heard of before tonight to make his way into the history books.

Or maybe I'm just doing my best to forget about the fact my baby girl is all grown up, John Lackey crapped the bed in Toronto today, and Rakes is going to be standing in my room at 3 a.m. not able to sleep because I let him and his buddy watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" before they went to bed.

Oh yeah. Daisuke gets the final start before the All-Star break tomorrow.

I think I may have to send my ulcer to rehab.


Tex said...

Maybe it's a good thing I wont be able to watch tomorrow. I feel like I'm at the State Fair and am on a continuous roller coaster that won't end.

Ted D said...

Probably a good thing, sis. Shoot me an email on FB if you want.

Tree Newt said...

That was hilarious bro. Classic.

Ted D said...

Mattie, you cold called me the other day. I hollered but you never answered, buddy.