Friday, July 16, 2010

Brothers from another Mother.

While Tropical Storm Wally passed over Fenway tonight, the game was in a 59 minute rain delay. Usually in my house a rain delay is my out to actually talk with my wife, spend some quality time with the heathens, or catch up my ever increasing "Deadliest Catch" tapings.

However, tonight Ang was a Wally World, Trot was passed out in my bed with a bowl of cantaloupe on his belly and "The Backyardigans" blaring in the background while Rakes and Ciera were upstairs watching "WWE Smackdown" so I was sort of left to my own devices.
Now, "left to my own devices" usually means I end up watching COPS on TruTV or rearranging the shelves in the pantry, but tonight I ended up thinking about the most recent rain delay I was actually a part of.

Last month, in Portland Maine, I was up to remember the life of a good friend and an even better man, AB. Part of the weekend included a ticket to a Portland Sea Dogs game and even though the entire area was under a Tornado Watch, you can't tell a bunch of die hard baseball fans they won't catch a game so we all showed up in mass to see some baseball played.

Much like their parent club in Boston, the Sea Dogs are big proponents of "let 'em all in, serve as many concessions as they'll buy, and let's pray for sunshine" so several of us spent the time in the park shivering and miserable.

JB's wife Amy felt so bad for him that she bought him a Sea Dogs sweatshirt. He in turn felt so bad for me that he gave it to ME to wear. Our friend DB felt so bad for HIM she bought HIM a Sea Dogs sweatshirt.

Which is a REALLY long way to say it all led to one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me.

Get the tables, Devon.

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