Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sundays with Trot

It's always an adventure when I drop Trot off at his Sunday School class on Sunday mornings.

Never one to miss a chance to show off he usually enters the room with a flourish not seen since Wayne Newton was in his hey day and by the time church is over I've got my standard "How did he do TODAY?" question at the ready.

Usually it's a slightly different version of the same answer: "He was good except he....."

Now, the answer has ranged from he hit another little boy to he squirted glue on another little girl to the always popular "Where is my underwear?" he dropped on a poor, unsuspecting teacher sometime last year. Just your basic run of the mill Trotism's I've dealt with for the past 4 years.

Today? He took it to another level.

Editors Note: The following was verified by 2 different people, one being the "victim".

During singing today, hopefully not in the middle of "Jesus Loves Me", Trot was sitting on the lap of one of his teachers. (I'm not using names to protect the innocent). At some point he calmly put his hand inside her shirt, copped a feel, and asked "What's that?"

Honestly, I didn't know whether to give him a high five or a spanking, so I settled on a really long talk about personal space, boundaries, inappropriate actions, and asking "What were you THINKING?" about 37 times.

Then he asked me if he could have an ice pop.

I'm starting to question the fact I saw him come into the world in favor of him being created in the same lab that made "Wolverine".


Rich in the Garage said...

I'll high five the kid next time I see him. Won't tell him why, but I'm going to do it anyhow.

Ted D said...

He's unbelievable, Rich. I am constantly amazed how nuts he is, day after day.

Tree Newt said...

That is classic bro! CLASSIC!!!! Oh, to have seen your face when they told you!

Ted D said...

Mattie, he's 4 and already a perv. The teenage years are gonna be interesting to say the least.