Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's not just a tooth. Or something.

We lost another one tonight. I'm home for 5 minutes and Rakes is making his front tooth do tricks while asking me if I think it's ready to come out.

The thing was parallel to the floor and he's wondering if it's loose enough. ::shakes head::

Those of you with kids know how this process goes; child begs you to pull tooth, then does everything humanly possible to stall you from yanking the thing out. After numerous attempts with dental floss, a wet rag, and a Woody the Cowboy doll (don't ask) I finally got it and it currently rests in a little box next to his bed, waiting on the tooth fairy to make an appearance.

And I'm just a little bit sad. Not because my boy lost a tooth and I was the one to pull it (that is sort of one of the cool side benefits of being a Dad; you get to do stuff like that with your kids.) It's just that with every baby tooth that comes out, a permanent tooth takes it's place and it's just another small reminder that you aren't getting any younger and neither are they.

Somehow though, Rakes in his innocent wisdom, knew I needed a lift.

So he ripped one REALLY loud while I was saying prayers with him and giggled for the next 3 minutes.

Thanks, buddy. Dad needed that.


Tree Newt said...

And those, bro, are the moments we will never forget. Awesome.

Ted D said...

It was classic, Rakes Mattie. Classic.