Sunday, November 7, 2010

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming.

I saw Austin Collie get knocked out in a matter of seconds during the Colts/Eagles game this afternoon and it only confirmed what I'd pretty much already decided.

They will play hockey on the river Styxx before I let my boys play football.

I remember reading about Andre Waters committing suicide at the age of 42 and when they looked at his brain it was the brain of an 87 year old Alzheimer's patient. Merrill Hodge having to retire because of concussions. Steve Young, Wayne Chrebet, Troy Aikman, the list just goes on and on.

Then I see Jim McMahon in that video talking about not having any memory left and he's in his 40's and in the same breath say it's ruining the game and it hits me.

Roger Goodell and the NFL can make all the rule changes they want and the mentality of those guys going out on the field won't ever change. And it shouldn't. You can't play a game that violent and that aggressive and go out there playing timid; 'cause the first time you do? It's gonna be YOU getting hurt.

So I'll watch and I'll root and I'll cringe every time I see something happen like it happened to Austin Collie today.

But if I've got anything to say about it I won't have to hold my breath and pray that my son will get up off the field someday in the future.

I'm gonna let 'em stick to the safe stuff like giving each other Tombstone Piledrivers on the trampoline instead.


Stacy said...

Saw the Collie hit, was scary.

Cousin Jerry will have to wrestle the boys on the trampoline; no football for him, either.

Ted D said...

I admire what they do. Just won't be seeing my sons do the same.