Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just another Father/Son Moment.

Having a conversation with Rakes is always a crap shoot; you never know what you'll talk about, how many questions he'll ask, and the ending is like one of those books you read as a kid where you picked which thing would happen to the characters and depending on what you picked they either got the girl or ended up being eaten by a bear or something.

So as I loaded him into the car after his year-end soccer party I was guessing during our 3 minute ride home he'd talk about his trophy he got or his pizza he ate or the good old standby we have about every other week called "Dad, why is Darth Vader's light saber red and Luke's is blue?"

Instead, he talked about playing T-Ball last year. More specifically, he talked about a certain moment that happened in one of the first games.

Rakes: "Dad, 'member when I played T-Ball for Coach Wendell?"

Me: "Yep."

Rakes: (Beginning to giggle) " 'Member that time I hit the ball REALLY hard and it went BAM right into Coach Wendell's nuts?!"

Me: (Stifling laughter) "Rakes, don't call them that. Call 'em marbles. Or gibleys."

Rakes: "Dad, do you call them Marbles because they're round?"

Me: (Still stifling laughter) "I guess so, son."

Rakes: (After several seconds of silence) "Dad, what's a gibley?"


fla beck said...

LOL! Well,you sure stumbled right into that one,Ted! Thanks,as always,for the laugh! BTW,great photo of you two!

Stacy said...

He's a piece of work, alright. :)

HorshamScouse said...

To be continued?

Went searching for 'gibleys' and one of the hits in Google was "Mondays: Just another kick to the Gibleys." Your fame is spreading!

Make sure you have a tape recorder running when you explain that gibleys = giblets = testicles. After that, consider carefully whether Rakes should help prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. :)

Ted D said...

Becky, I stumble into everything it seems. But I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. ;)

Stacy, he's nuts. No pun intended. ;)

And Scouser, I'm in a Google search engine? Scary stuff. And there is no way on God's green earth that kid is getting anywhere near the Thanksgiving turkey.

Tex said...

I wonder how many questions his teachers don't actually tell you about cos they're embarrassed :)

:stifles laughter:

Ted D said...

I'm scared to ask, Tex.