Friday, November 5, 2010

One more time we'll trip the light Fandango.

Don't care if he's 35 years old, has trouble with left handed pitching, or plays the field as often as we see Haley's Comet.

And yes, I think the Red Sox overpaid by picking up his $12.5 million dollar option. But you know what? It's not my money and again, I don't care.

For one of the few times since John Henry and company bought the Red Sox they made a decision on a player with their heart and their heads and not with all the warmth and feeling of a box of rocks. From Petey to Damon to Trot to Manny, time and time again they have acted with the cold blooded nature of born businessmen and more times than not? They've been 100% correct.

It's not like they gave $12.5 million to Andrew Jones; Papi DID hit .270 with 32 HR and 102 RBI last season. Sure there's a risk here. And there is a risk that I could step in front of a bus tomorrow, but it won't keep me from going outside.

Henry and Epstein gave Papi a "Thank you" deal all the while hoping he's got one more big year in him for another WS push while at the same time letting the fan base know that sometimes even a heart made of stone can show a little love.

2011: Year of The Papi.


Stacy said...

Glad the Large Father is coming back. What's the word on Tek?

Ted D said...

No word on Tek yet. He filed for Free Agency so we'll see.