Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day of Thanks.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. A day to reflect on the blessings you have in life, and even though I'm not rich in money, I'm still rich.

I've got a wife who still makes me feel like a newlywed 18 years after the fact, a teenage daughter who still thinks her Dad hung the moon (check with me next year on this one. I've got a feeling this is a fluid situation that will change by the hour.) and 2 little boys who, if they don't kill me first, promise to give me more blog material in the next 5 years than most people get in a lifetime.

I've got both my parents still with me, In-Laws I actually adore, and 3 sisters and a brother who I'm close to. I've got a home, a job, a car, and enough blue jeans and Red Sox t-shirts to outfit a 3rd World country.

I've got friends in New England, California, Oklahoma, New Zealand, Texas, and all points in between. 2 of those friends, who I'm pretty sure could have been serial killers or at the very LEAST leaders of some sinister rebellion in another life are two guys I consider my best friends. Or to put it another way, I was willing to leave my house for almost a week and travel half-way across the East coast with them and if you know me? Getting me to go to the mailbox is a battle.

Some of my friends aren't with me anymore, but in reality? They're still here, just not like they were before. And I've got pictures and memories to remind me of them until the day I'm no longer here myself.

So tomorrow, as you enjoy the holiday with your family and friends, take a minute to reflect on all the things that make you feel grateful for in your life. For me it's Trot is almost fully potty trained, Rakes made it past the age of 6 without breaking any bones (I had 4 in the pool, btw.) Ang hasn't left me yet, and Ciera still doesn't like boys. (So she says. I'm taking it at face value and not asking any questions.)

The fact that I won't have to look at these two dinks every Sunday night for 6 months at a clip doesn't suck either.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


HorshamScouse said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ted.

fla beck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,Ted! Hosting the Amigos was one of the highlights of my year(just wish y'all could have stayed longer). To think,3 years ago,I didn't know any of my extended(fun but dysfunctional)family! :) I have the Red Sox to thank for that!

Ted D said...

Same to you, Scouser. And Becky, staying with you and your family was a highlight for us too. Plus, the boy gave Rich an example of maturity to strive for. ;) Happy Thanksgiving.

Matty said...

Your priorities are in order my friend. Have a great holiday.

Ted D said...

Same to you, Matty.