Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They Eat Dinks Like Him For Breakfast.

My friend Cyn took her niece to the Justin Bieber concert at the Boston Garden tonight where he apparently thought it would be funny to wear a NY Yankee cap while he performed.

Thanks to my feeble mind, I've come to the following three conclusions.

1. Cyn is a much better person than me. If Ciera ever asks me to take her to a Justin Bieber concert I'm shipping her off to a convent, ASAP.

2. Whoever is managing this kid needs to have someone take a sledge hammer to his gibleys. Seriously? He's wearing a Yankee lid in Boston?

""all we need is one girl raised in Revere with an attitude to storm the stage and kneecap him""

Above quote courtesy of my brother from another mother and a FB post.

3. He ever comes close to where we live and I'm sending those two psychos in the picture, along with a catapult and some urine bags to the concert and letting nature take it's course.


Rich in the Garage said...

Send em to me a for a weeks training in ballistics before hand. We'll have that little puke running like Arod to the Turkish bath's.

Ted D said...

Will do, Jr. Will do.

BB said...

run them by my place for 'sensitivity training' after Jr's done with them.. They need a well rounded education...

Ted D said...

Done, BB. Can they stay a week? Or twelve?