Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BTW? I've Never Liked Tea.

Now, in the name of all that is holy, will you please stop calling my house, my cell phone, my job, and my girlfriend from 1987?

I VOTED. Not straight ticket, not due to the fact you left some message on my answering machine, and definitely not because you accosted me in the parking lot at my local voting station with a nail file, a sticker, and a pencil. (FWIW? I threw 'em all away in the trash can when I got inside. Do I LOOK like a guy who files his nails?) I voted the way my head told me too; see, I'm one of THOSE people who actually pay some kind of attention to what's going on. I realize with 3 kids I'm the exception, but pay attention I did.

If I want to be harassed, ridiculed, and bombarded with inane questions I'll just walk in my front door, Thank you Very Much.

Hopefully I've got two more years until these idiots descend upon me like a pack of vultures again.

Election years make me long for the days of mass telemarketing.

At least those people had a sense of humor.


Stacy said...

They just don't get it....calling and sending junk may makes me LESS likely to vote for them. Glad it's over.

Ted D said...

Same here, sis.