Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Break Rumblings. Part 1.

Due to the fact I've now gone tone deaf listening to Chris Berman yell "Back, Back, BACK!" at the top of his lungs during the Home Run Derby, the Red Sox are off until Friday, and The Munchkin made the correct decision to stay home with his pregnant wife, the All-Star Game tomorrow is sort of out of sight, out of mind.

Yeah, it was great to see Prince Fielder and Nelson Cruz banging them off the second deck but watching Brandon Inge manage to hit 0 and Adrian Gonzalez (who I hoped would win it) only hit two sort of take some luster off as well.

So I turn to my next passion; Deep Sea Fisherman. I'm a HUGE fan of "Deadliest Catch" and today at the library picked up a copy of Sebastion Junger's "A Perfect Storm". I saw the movie years ago but have never read the book.

Now that I have I realize the men that fish on those boats and I have about as much in common as a Yankee fan living on Long Island and a Red Sox fan in Southie.

I head out everyday to my job selling furniture with only the fact I may throw a goose egg on the board as my biggest worry; those dudes head out and wonder if they'll make it home alive.

Fantastic movie and an even better book; if you're starved for something to do until baseball is back on Friday I can highly recommend a visit to the local library or video store; either one will do.


Who makes the best sausage gravy in North Carolina.

How in God's name do I get through the winter?


Tex said...

You are missing a fantastic episode of The Bachelorette!! Who is Jillian going to pick?? Ed? Kipton? Reed?? OH ME OH MY!!

Ted D said...

The Bachelorette?

Is that on NESN?

Tex said...

I think Heidi plays on it

Ted D said...


Rich in the garage said...

I love the chick doing the interviews last night...

"Whats it going to take to win this thing?"

"I don't know you dumb broad its a home run derby, figure it out."

Absolute waste of genetic material.

Between that and Joe Morgan I think my head exploded just around the same time the largest ass in the east was knocking them out of the park.

Ted D said...

It was pretty funny, Jr. And I made it to the end; Prince Fielder is a beast.