Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hayes meets the family. And lives. Alert the Media.

She came bearing Pop Rocks (Which I confiscated as soon as she brought them in) and something called "Floamy", which I didn't hide immediately and I'm sure I'll regret it later when I find it on the living room wall, but Hurricane Hayes blew through Casa de Dalton and left far too soon.

We had a nice dinner cooked by Ang, an awkward 20 or so minutes when my folks stopped by to make sure I hadn't invited a serial killer over for supper, and followed it up by watching the Sox lose to the Royals and Ciera sucker hayes into fixing the printer in the office.

In between we had Trot completely soak himself with the water hose outside, find hayes and I sitting less than 2 feet away and both of us on our phones checking SG, and tentative plans for her to come back on Monday to hang out some more.

I'm fairly certain she'll come to her senses between now and then and stay safely ensconced in her hotel in Charlotte, but it'd be awesome if she could make it happen.

It's not often my friends make it down to Mayberry, so when they do it's a special day.

I just wish it could happen more often.


Tex said...

Dammit. I'm coming. And Hells coming with me. :)

Rakes looks abit skeeered over there to the side. OF course she came bearing poprocks....hmmm now what can I bring that beats that?? :-D

Ted D said...

Tex, I'll believe you're coming when I see you standing on the front porch. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

Move to Boston.

Ill babysit the two monsters.

And by baby sit I mean teach them the fine art of the slim jim, safe cracking 101 and how to make military grade explosives from chemicals you might find under the sink.

Hotwiring 101 and 102 are advance electives to be completed after safe cracking.

Ted D said...

Jr, you are too much. And I believe every bit of it.