Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Sox Nation of Domination

*Image courtesy of Kelly O and*

Complete game.

3 Hits.

7 K's.

0 Walks.

0 Runs.

Sox win 6-0 and thanks to the Yankees losing head into the All-Star break with a 3 game lead in the AL East and the only two pitchers in the American League with 11 wins; Beckett and the ageless Tim Wakefield.

Pitching the entire game with a look I can best describe as "I'm Josh Beckett and you're the freaking Royals" he went about his business as if he was a butcher cutting up a steak.

Only if the butcher uttered a profanity every 2.7 seconds.

Throw in the fact that dude in the picture with him may be an even bigger bulldog than The Commander? It's almost not fair.

Now, take those two and put them with a guy who throws a pitch Bugs Bunny would say is ridiculous and add in a future Hall of Famer who JUST may be back on track and add a burly Oklahoman with a sour disposition and a 98 mph fastball?

It's gonna be a LONG second half for the rest of the AL East.

Next Red Sox game is Friday in Toronto.

I'm pretty sure I'll be in a straight jacket by Wednesday night but who knows.


HorshamScouse said...

Lester the Lieutenant Commander?
I hadn't realised that JPB threw a complete game today (work got in the way).

The ASG's not on TV here (ESPN has the Home Run Derby but not the game itself). If it goes to extras I might catch the end on MLB.TV or rerun Cyn's live blog.

You won't notice the lack of baseball with all the usual chaos around you. :)

Ted D said...

John, I didn't realize you didn't get FOX over there, especially with Murdoch being Australian. And the baseball helps me cope with the chaos!

Stacy said...

Lester is a bigger bulldog? Wow. I need to see him pitch. Just watch the homerun derby with Rakes tonight; he'll love it. Cousin Jerry sure does.

Ted D said...

We are; and on the MLB channel they are going to show batting practice between 5 and 7!