Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Mayor Returns to Boston

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He was only here for one season, but the man made an impression.

From laughing on a non-stop basis to talking to anyone who'd listen, to getting the award for "Most times being thrown out trying to stretch a single to a double", including one time he actually crawled to second base, Sean Freaking Casey became an honorary Red Sox Nation Lifetime Member.

So you can see why my excitement meter went off the charts tonight when I got home, read my good friend Cyn's most excellent blog, and discovered Casey will be joining Don Orsillo in the booth for this weekends series against Ichiro and the Mariners.

Let the giggle fest begin.


Beth said...

He's been pretty great on the MLB Network. Can't wait to hear his play-by-play commentary

Ted D said...

Me too, Beth. He doesn't seem like he has a mute button though, which could present a problem. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

Sean Casey AND I can blow stuff up today and not feel like deranged 13 year old?


Ted D said...

Have fun, Jr. And try not to blow your hand off.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I heard about Sean Casey in the booth for this weekend's games at some point last week & have been giddy with excitement over it! If anyone was born to be in that booth, it might be The Mayor. Can't. Wait. Much as I love Dave Roberts, I am thinking Mr Casey won't seem nearly as tentative & halting when he gets his hands on the mic.

Ted D said...

Dawn, they are gonna have to make him shut up! Looking forward to it.

As for my MFY pest, I'm also not going to post your comments that you cut/paste at SG and God knows where else.

Penny said...

Hi! Just found your most awesome blog through Dawn's (above). I just added you to my blogroll because I think you rock that much!

By the way, I was at last night's game. One of the best I've been to this year--even though they lost. (Very sad.) Worst one of the year so far? Any one that Dice K pitched.

Ted D said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for the kind words. And other than the loss it was a great baseball game. Daisuke pitched the game I saw at Fenway this year too.