Friday, July 17, 2009

Youth Gone Wild

*Image courtesy of, you guessed it, Kelly*

When you throw a no-hitter in your second start as a pro, expectations tend to, well, expand.

And if you happen to go 2-9 the next year in the bigs most folks label you a failure and write you off.

Fortunately, Clay Buchholz mentally told all the haters to Bite His Tweeter and kept his career in the middle of the highway. Which led him to Toronto tonight to make his first big league start of 2009.

Can I say the kid didn't let anyone down? 6 plus innings and 1 run later he turned it over to Bard, Oki, and Pap and before you knew it the Red Sox were high fiving each other and wondering where the best all you can eat buffet in Toronto was located.

4-1 Red Sox, Julio Lugo has been DFA'd, and Nick Green is currently trying to figure out how to slip a Mickie in Jed Lowrie's pre-game meal.

Papi is raking, Youk is sweating, and Beckett is swearing.

Sounds like it's time to signal the all clear and have Pedie, doing his best Quasimodo impression, to ring the bell signalling the start of the second half is official.

Sweet Mary and Moses have I missed baseball the last 4 days.


Marc said...

Yes it is good to have Bball back on.
The All-star game to me is like the Summer Doldrums on the high seas that Sailors had to endure. They sat in their boats waiting for a puff of wind to push them along...I sit and stare at the tv waiting for some bball game with meaning to be aired....

Good to see Buch back in the Majors.
Here is to a great year for him.

Bummed that Lugo is gone as now there is nobody on the team that Dawn does not care for... was fun to watch her rant about E6 :>)

And I have become partial to Green!! He and Lowrie should really keep the SS position a danger zone for any batter.

Ted D said...

Hey Marc! I thought about Dawn when I heard the news; she was hilarious when she got on her Lugo rants. :) Hopefully Jed and Green can carry the flag; Theo certainly thinks they can.

Tex said...

Lugo a Go Go!!!!
I love how many people think they are expert coaches from their living rooms.

I just want baseball. everyday

Ted D said...

Arm chair quarterbacking, or in this case managing is an American tradition, sis.

And I'm bent I can't see the game today.

Tex said...

this is when we should think about purchasing XM radio or mlb audio cos we could at least listen.

Ted D said...

I've got XM, but I'm at work. :(

Sean S. said...

Just another red sox choke...nothing unusual.

Ted D said...

No, that would be a loss. A choke is what happened in 2004 in the ALCS, in 2005 when they lost, in 2006 when the Tigers beat you in the ALCS, 2007....

Well, pretty much what's happened since they gacked it up to Curt Schilling and the Diamondbacks in 2001.

But thanks for driving up my hit counts!