Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Knew Fishing Was A Contact Sport?

Rakes and I went fishing with my brother-in-law Scott and my nephew Garrison today. 5 minutes after getting there, Scott landed a pretty good sized catfish.

As you can tell from the picture, Rakes was hardly impressed. I think his actual quote was "Get that thing away from me!"

For the next 1 1/2 hours we heard "It's just sucking the worm off!", "This bobber isn't any good!" and my favorite? After a fish had taken his worm for the 500th time he turned to me, and in a voice last heard spoken by Al Pacino in "Heat" when he yells "Gimme All You Got!" he turned around, stammering like Mel Tillis in the full throes of a stuttering fit and utters "DDDDDDAD. The problem is THERE IS NO WORM ON MY HOOK!"

Which of course reduced Scott and I to tears and a giggle fit that would make Remy and DO pine for.

So it was with great relief that, somehow, someway, after reeling and casting more times than the average Bering Sea Crab fisherman does in an entire season, Rakes actually caught a fish.

The fact that it was 3 inches l0ng and weighed less than your average lemon wedge hardly mattered.

The smile on that boys face was worth the gnats, bees, and the non-stop play by play over a 3 hour period.

Whoever said fishing was supposed to be a quiet day of solitude never went fishing with Rakes.


Tex said...

I think when you look in the dictionary under joie de vivre you'll find Rakes along side me. :)

it's a good thing. and I finally decided it was time to quit celebrating the Tigers Win in Omaho :)

Ted D said...

I can't even spell that.

But I'll take your word for it.

Tex said...

I'm thinking a spring break vacation with Ang and the kids to San Antonio/Austin next year is warranted. I can just see Rakes and Trot in the Alamo and our capitol.

I think I could get the state of Texas to see fit to give me a one week paid vacation to N.C. every year with the promise that they never return. :)

Ted D said...

Sounds like a plan, Tex.

Remember the Alamo!

Rich in the garage said...

...Remember the alamo would have a whole new meaning I think.

Kid needs to learn to fly fishing, its ALL casting. He'll dig it.

Be the fly.... nah nah nah nah nah nahaaaaaaaaa

Ted D said...

Fly fishing....

Jr, I don't give you enough credit sometimes.

Stacy said...

I asked him about going fishing and he told me he knew how to cast. :) And I think his fish looks pretty big.

Ted D said...

He was slinging it, sis.